First week with my Glowforge

You are in for an educational and rewarding adventure!


Thanks, I have tried the unchecked “responsive” thing and that didn’t help me, but maybe there is some other information in that post to help me. I had not read that one.

One of my problems is being new to Illustrator, I am not sure what I don’t know, and not knowing what I don’t know prevents me from understanding what is important! I am catch 22 ignorant! Having said that, I plan to move over to Illustrator for the desktop, and am thinking that will help me understand that there is a lot more that I don’t know, but I will probably be better at doing the things I don’t know better…

Just kidding… :wink:


I actually love Illustrator on the iPad.

It does take some getting used to, and I do still run into things that are easy for me to do on desktop Illustrator, that I struggle to figure out on the iPad.

But the ergonomics of using the Apple pencil on the iPad in Illustrator are great.


I haven’t been using the iPad as my exclusive workflow enough to have a perfect solution to this… but…

Illustrator (on iOS) exports SVGs assuming 72dpi (and without explicit physical sizes), where as GFUI assumes SVGs are 96dpi if it doesn’t have a physical size.

My workaround in the past has been after importing from Illustrator (on iOS), I use the ruler tool in GFUI, and just multiply the size by 96/72 (or 4/3). This will correct for the sizing problems.

Of course needing to remember to do this every time is a bit error prone, but if Illustrator on iOS => GFUI is your main work flow, this might be the best option.


I don’t believe Illustrator on iOS even has that checkbox to uncheck :wink:
When comparing to desktop Illustrator, it’s always exporting as responsive on iOS.

Maybe I have a newer revision? Or, maybe the ticky box does not actually do anything.

Thank you so much for the conversion guideline, I’ll be trying that straight away. I’ve seen this posted, but not as clear as you just stated. It took me a couple of days to realize that the ruler function existed in the Glowforge app (Dawn breaks on Marblehead).

That is the start of my Pony Vice in the background.


Great job on your first week! :raised_hands:t2:

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Your first projects look amazing. It is so satisfying to make things that are so functional and nice looking too. :blush:

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Cool! The iPad app must have updated.

I just played with it… and unfortunately unchecking responsive doesn’t help us.

It seems that iOS Illustrator is always using Pixels as the unit of measurement when exporting SVGs (even if the document is using Inches as it’s unit of measurement).

Here’s an example SVG… basically a 2 inch square.

I highlighted in the second one what “Responsive” does… it just adds
width="720px" height="720px"
which unfortunately suffers the problem of a different PPI (pixels per inch) than GFUI expects.

But Adobe does seem to keep improving Illustrator for iOS… so maybe they’ll address this.

Hope it arrives soon for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for examining this, it certainly keeps me from wrestling further with the program and just opting for the scaling process!

You made this in your first week? I love it! Are the support spindles for the shelves made by your daughter? This is really nice work.

You are one of us.

I’m still trying to get used to any part of the Adobe world. The suite of products I learned on were nothing like what I am trying to use now. I love CorelDraw, although the Mac version is incredibly buggy, it is much more intuitive and logical…Adobe stuff, I wish.


Thank you. Yes she turned the spindles. I showed her the basics on the first one, and the dimensions I wanted, then she finished it + the other 5. There are 3 in the front and 3 in the back, all mahogany. She is real talented, I’m a proud Dad as she is only 16 and wanting to start her own business. She has 2 stores lined up for her stuff. So, we need to plan out another display.

I’m teaching her how to stabilize wood now, and most of her new stuff is based on stabilized blanks.


Very nice. Now they’ll nag you for displays for them.

This turned out fantastic!!

I struggle with AI so much. Is there a certain tool you used to learn?

I hear you. For this, I just poked at it until I got it to do something close to what I wanted. Having said that, just yesterday I purchased an Ai course on Udemy. I can’t keep doing what I have been doing. Right now I’m busy making a new home for the GF (bench with external airflow). The GF was actually a birthday present for my wife, I need to get it setup for her in a more permanent home.

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Definitely go through a tutorial or two on YouTube.
I like this one:

Also, lots of good write ups and details about laser related stuff here:

And other general goodies here:

Keep with it! good luck! and keep asking questions here! lots of folks willing to help you learn