Flite Test Explorer - Mini version


This is what I bought the Glowforge to do - Make flying model Airplanes. This was a reduction of the Flite Test Explorer ((http://www.flitetest.com) ) .

Spritely performance on a budget.

For those of you that like model airplanes, I do a few other designs as well.

In preparation for retirement!




Very nice, waiting for a flight video :slight_smile:

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Nice. It was only when I discovered foam core models that I came to appreciate the pass through on the pro.

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I still don’t have pass through figured out. Any help
On that would be sincerely appreciated

Don R

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That could be a lot of fun!

I can help with that. I have adapted some of the FT plans to work with the pass through slot. I’ll work on a write up of the process.


I wish I could magically bestow that understanding on you but my way is so much different than that of many whom I respect that I suspect that my way may not be the most intuitive to most people! Try this link and then do a search on “pass-through”, then if you are on the cusp of getting it PM me and I’ll do my best to get you over the hump.

Here is my contribution to helping make it semi-automatic:


I’ve only completed one adaptation and I’d be very interested in seeing how much alike or different our ways of doing this are.

That would be appreciated.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough time anymore to work on things. I’m 60 - the kids are out of the house, shouldn’t it slow down some?


That took some doing. Hopefully this helps.