Flow Through Beta Test

Can anyone point me to where I can find information on the flow through beta test. I signed up for it but trying to locate information about it is not very intuitive…to me. Thanks.

do you mean passthrough?

Sorry, yes. Leaning back on my military transportation-terminology days.

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not to much shows up in the search for “flow through” but lots of stuff comes up for “passthrough” or “pass through”

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Thank much. I’ll revamp my search. I registered to participate but have not heard anything from them.

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I don’t have any insider info, but I’m guessing the answer is gonna be the same as what support had to say about a similar question, about two weeks ago:

I suspect that I will hear the same. I was wondering how they were informing the beta participants. Thanks again.

We’ll let initial testers know by email when we’ve turned on the software for them. Unfortunately, I’m not able to influence the process by which machines are selected. Since this question has been answered, I’m going to close this thread. Please reach out to support@glowforge.com if you have any additional questions.