Folders on the Design Page

Can you guys add folders to the design page at some point? Im only a couple months in and have pages and pages of designs that are getting difficult to sort through to find the stuff I need. I cant imagine how crazy it will get down the road. Thanks!


+1 this!
I suggested this already for sure. :slight_smile:


Even though I haven’t seen the UI yet (in person that is), I have to applaud this idea (yea!). As someone who’s at times organizationally challenged, the more help I get the better. Folders seem like a have to to me, or gmail style tags, or something of that sort. I tried working without any organizational setup (notebooks, folders, whatever) in Evernote, and I even managed to make that not work so well :smile:


Agree 100%. And worse yet designs are normally stored in chronological order. But there was a change to the format yesterday that shuffled everything. My most recent designs are on different pages.


Wonder what our storage limit is? Selling additional space may be viable, like Google or Drop box. :thinking:


What an excellent idea. There are so many great designs being shown now. :relaxed:


File organization optimization is definitely needed.


The designer of the closest web UI to this, namely Octoprint, recently added folders and a bunch of sorting tools. Gosh does it make a difference. (OK Octoprint is in many ways completely different, but in the upload-a-thing-and-make-it-material way it’s similar, and faces some similar issues.)


Yes please to folders. 10 years of projects on a home CNC mill have taught me the importance of at least a rudimentary file/folder structure.


Hopperized! (cc @tony)


I may be in the minority, but I am not a fan of folders. I prefer tags and lists. Folders are like drawers, you can’t see what is in them. Tags let you have multiple ways of finding a design, and you can see what matches a tag when you click it.

If you are going to implement folders PLEASE include a search! Otherwise after a while you have enough folders that you no longer know what is in them, and then you are back to square one.


Folders with a List View option?


Im down for both. Ultimately a folder is really just a tag on a file in the digital world. I personally prefer file view myself, just because I dont like clutter, but ive also been in the position where the file hierarchy ive created gives me more than one place that a new object belongs and I know I will want it in both places, but I dont want to have 2 separate copies of the file.

Every CMS ive written has a very broad selection of sorting, filtering, paging, and search tools. A number of them you could even build reporting straight from the search tools. The more organizational options they give us the better.

I just dont like opening something up and having everything sprawled out everywhere.

The one example of how I do NOT want them to do it is the iOS camera roll and their folder/tagging system. If I move something out of the full collection into a folder, I dont want to see it in the main collection anymore. I want to know that its been categorized and dealt with already. This is the most frustrating thing. Hopefully they dont do it that way.


Are you ever really in the minority when Google is on your side? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just PLEASE make sure we can do nested folders. I hate when people enable folders and you can only do ONE folder level, not a folder in a folder.

Also would be nice if we can put tags on our files to allow searching in the future.


I do not have a good enough memory to use tags, because I promptly forget what tags I used for something. And if the tags all have to be listed somewhere prominent so I know what they are, they might as well be folders…

(Yes, I want a UI for the cognitively mediocre.)


The benefit of tags over folders is when something belongs to multiple things.

Like I made an adapter, for a vacuum connection for an art piece which is made by my students.

Normally I would file it by semester and student group name in terms of folders. But when I remember it 5 years later, I will just remember it is a vacuum connection adapter.

So what it is, and what it is made from would be tags for me, while when it was made and who made it would be folders. For other people it may be the other way around. But unless your mind works very well on a linear pathway for organizing years of information, folder structures alone tend to fail when you don’t know which one to open.


hense the search function. Add your “tags” in the filename, and file away. When you can’t remember where it is, one of those tags should help.


Yep. Folders and tags and search I can go with. It’s just that when confronted by a single list of things more than about half a screen high, I start going squirrelly. If I were really greedy I’d also go for some kind of version control. Way too many files on the 3D printing side with names like thingummy_top_part9a.stl. (Okay, that’s not true; the little robotic car body is only up to iteration 8, and the persistence-of-vision bearings are only at 5. sort of.)

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I went through about 14 iterations of a custom control panel the other night. The name looked like an old term paper file name. 12864_LCD_FINAL_4a.svg