Hot topic in the past… number 1 rule as I see it, do what makes you happy and be darned with what anyone else thinks.

But - you’d be surprised at the difference proper font selection can make :slight_smile:

Here are some tips I ran across today on some “rules” (more like suggestions) to consider to keep one from making “bad” font choices.


Where were the warnings about becoming a social outcast if you use Comic Sans and Papyrus? :wink:


I am no designer, and I have 5-6 go-to fonts. I use Garamond for most things. I am delighted that there are rules or guidelines for someone like me that would like to choose well.



Interesting article! Thanks for that. Also, I had never heard of Adobe Spark before. Are you using any of the apps?

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Those are good tips presented in a fairly easy to understand way.


only internet nerds care, as evidenced by comics sans’ refusal to quietly exit stage right in corporate signs the world over


Funny, there’s a typo in the caption for the picture on the right in #8 :slightly_smiling_face:

That text is aligned on my left. If course maybe it’s like metric and they meant it’s aligned to the other right.

Are you kidding? We use an IM app at work for work for certain team communications. I deliberately use Comic Sans for the sole purpose of being evil.


@martinell.jan here’s an article right up your alley!

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I pretty much only use the desktop collection. I may download the Spark collection to the iPad just to see what it’s about!

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I would say that they missed the mark a bit on this example. The “proper” version on the right should have a fixed polygon (rectangle) behind the text. For the example they show it just looks messy, and of these two versions, I think the one without the background looks better. A box instead of the highlight would look much better.

Aside from that, a really solid article.


I am working on a version of Comic Papyrus. :scream:


I feel they accomplished what they intended under the bullet point (separating the text from the background) though aesthetically it’s probably not the best. Centered text might work better with the staggered background with the symmetry it would create - or even justified.


Sure, they got the point across, but like you said, aesthetically it wasn’t the best choice, and essentially this article is about aesthetics. Therefore they should make the best aesthetic choice that they can. Then again, aesthetics are subjective, so who am I to judge?


This x100. I wonder how many people here have had a client want something and you just scratch your head and say, wth?


For what it’s worth, (@cynd11) I downloaded Adobe Spark Post to my phone and just used one of the first images available on my Adobe Lightroom cloud sync (which I don’t really use and was ironically from the PNW).

The app is really pretty intuitive. It’s basically a design wizard that walks you through the process and you can alter a bunch of parameters to find a result. You could probably take the time to separate out text components so you could be really specific with separate components of the design but honestly, I’d rather do that on a desktop… maybe because I’m just used to that.

They have a ton of different document size templates, Facebook ads, Instagram, etc. I’m not sure what resolution I have on this file on Lightroom Cloud but it saved the document at 2560x1700.


Hey, thanks for vetting it for us!

No problem! Honestly, it’s kind of fun. It really is kind of cool to throw something together in literally 60 seconds that doesn’t look half bad. It’s not a replacement for graphic design - but for the lay person, it seems to be a cool tool. It actually saves my “posts” (what they call them) in an editable format so I can go back and make changes.


Graphic Designers Everywhere :wink: