"Forever" design purchases

I understand that designs we purchase “forever” can’t be sold. That is, the digital design itself. How 'bout the physical printed items? Any restrictions on those? Thanks!


Hmm. My understanding was different. That the physical product couldn’t be used for commercial purposes.


That was my understanding as well.


It wasn’t that clear to me, so I asked. I won’t be disappointed if the answer is as @Tom_A and you believe.


More wondering about the single design. My understanding is that it does not mention a prohibition on sale or commercial use on single print purchases. Would owners be able to do single buy patterns and sell the product, buying again for each use/sale?

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The unlimited prints cannot be sold commercially. The single prints can, but note that we don’t currently have a way to re-buy a single print, or to upgrade from a single print to an unlimited license. That’s a little embarrassing, but we decided not to hold launch until that was done.


Thanks for making that clear. Enjoy the rest of your evening!



Isn’t “re-buying” just “buying?!” Isn’t the definition of “crazy” doing the same exact thing again and expecting a different result? :slight_smile:


Same here. A few of us have asked that some changes be made so that forever designs would be able to be used commercially. I am interested in this as well.

Are those options (and ability to buy single print for commercial where you’ve personally got unlimited) in the hopper?

I’d love an unlimited commercial use license as well. Some of the things in the catalog I could see myself purchasing once for every time I make and sell, but there are other designs where I feel my return on the product would be greatly diminished if I was to buy a single use every time.
Most stuff in the catalog is fairly well priced though!


I believe so. If you look at a few of the post in the link I put up previously of the Sept 2017 update, quite a few of us were asking for it. Dan acknowledged it here:

I’ve not had the opportunity to look at the catalog yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Glad to hear things are reasonably priced. And I was even thinking that it would be a good chance for members to upload “forever” designs and they can get paid some for them, but then we could tweak those and sell “prints” in ways that we see fit.

That seems to be worded strangely, yet it makes sense to use the term re-buy.

From @dan; “we don’t currently have a way to re-buy a single print”

Though it does mean just buy, if he said it that way, he would be saying ‘we don’t currently have a way to buy a single print’…which is not accurate.

Picky, picky, me…:wink: