Forum Lock-Out?! WT Literal F, GF?

i’m not going to disagree with that overall, but the reality is that there are plenty of places around the world where people don’t have AC and are completely comfortable with temps in the upper 70s/low 80s due to low humidity. there’s no reason for them to expect that it has to be in a low 70s, air conditioned space just because the photos are indoors. not everyone who’s having environmental temperature issues is in a garage. and not everyone has AC in their house or cools their house below 75. that’s a very US-centric thing in general, but even in the US that’s not how everyone cools their house.


Is it really necessary to spell out the conditions it won’t work well in?

Maybe. This is why I quit the corporate world and did my own thing lol.


But the Glowforge was made in the US where air conditioned houses are more of the norm. I’m not trying to continue to argue with you or being negative Nancy.
I just see so many posts of people complaining about the glowforge not living up to THEIR expectations instead of looking at the product for what it is where it was made and appreciate what glowforge has done. Like I have said throughout this whole time from when they first came out that it is made for a specific purpose and if you use it within that specific purpose it works well. Look at all the owners that are using it within the specified parameters and enjoying it very much so.


Remember when computer rooms had to be kept at frigid temps so the computers would operate?

Yeah, I am THAT old. sigh


I’m THAT old too! In the olden days I remember if you didn’t like the way a product worked then you didn’t buy it LOL


again, i don’t completely disagree. when i spend thousands, i tend to research and think about it. that’s why i wasn’t in the initial 30 day buy.

and i’m not saying they’re doing something wrong, per se. but they’re marketing to this new segment of laser cutter users who are completely different from the traditional maker. the marketing makes things seem simpler than they are, in reality. for a maker, that’s not a big deal, most of us don’t buy into that, but lots of their new customers do.

and sometimes i get frustrated (and i’m sure the new users are) that the customers are always explaining the limitations/issues and GF rarely gets involved in the conversations other than to say, “thanks , that’s correct” and closing the thread. sometimes it feels like there’s a layer of separation that GF creates (and that we fill the gap on) that lets them stay insulated from some of the criticism. the users are a layer in between for support. and while that’s really useful, and this has been a great community that’s provided a lot of support to new and older users alike. but a lot of times that makes the more experienced users come across as apologists and puts us in awkward conversations that GF staff should really be addressing (imnsvho). maybe that’s the real crux of my issue here.

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Just my 2¢…I never knew from ‘up’ about a laser, so obviously my expectations were nil. I was ‘sucked in’ (exaggerating here) by the ‘promise’ of easy. In spite of what’s being said, I found it extremely easy. I guess being ignorant really helps out in this way. I’ve spent the huge majority of my time learning how to design for a laser …way more than I’ve spent learning about the laser itself.

PS…I am the poster child for their target market


@Xabbess…but you are old school…and don’t expect things to he handed to you without effort…hmmm.

And you are rewarded for your efforts :grin::grin: You’ve cranked out some amazing projects too!!!


It’s the rare exception that one can run before they walk…


True…old school, I am. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the kind words…so sweet of you!

Thank you. This has been my point exactly… and I’m no noob. There is nothing to suggest to consumers that the machine will be inoperable above reasonable and common climate conditions.

I’m curious, has anyone experienced (or would you even expect) the machine becoming inoperable when the outside temperature drops below 60F?

We had tons of discussion this past winter about cold conditions. Search the forum and you’ll find it easily.


If I remember correctly, last winter mine gave me a yellow light at about 50F. Purely anecdotal though since I had no error explanation. And after it did it only once I kept the space in the upper 50s.


@jamesdhatch…I think it was you who coined this about me. Whomever it was, was right on the money.


I just feel like this constant debate about overheating is a false one. The truth is that while there are recommended temperatures, it does not say anywhere that the machine will not operate outside of the recommendations. I agree that this is important for people to know. A simple statement that the machine is designed to pause during temperatures outside of its range would help people make educated decisions. Not everyone has AC and expecting people to pony up another couple hundred to get it isn’t reasonable.

On the other hand, the drama over the limitation is over the top. It’s a design choice. You don’t have to like it, but it’s there. Complain all you want that it’s not being disclosed, but otherwise move on. This is the product.

FWIW there is overwhelming evidence on this forum that GF allows criticism and mention of competition. The forum issue needs to be addressed, but it’s not a conspiracy.


LOL. That was a long time ago now :slightly_smiling_face: Remember when just trying to figure out what would cut vs engrave was a mystery? :slightly_smiling_face: Now you’re an expert.

I actually think GF has been more successful in getting “non-makers” comfortable and productive than all the 3D printers and CNC routers out there


not exactly a fair comparison since understanding rudimentary vector illustration is much easier than understanding 3D modeling.

That said, it’s pretty hard to beat what Makerbot built with Thingiverse. That community and the open source spirit is what helped it to thrive. I don’t see the whole paid catalog GF is building fairing too well.

Sure, let’s go with that.


I like what you said here…and I agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes…it was a long time ago, now. I still see those wind chime thingys that you so kindly cut for me, which I kept just for that purpose. I learned a lot from you, just on that one thing to start with. I must admit, I rather marvel myself at what I can do now. The sky is no longer the limit. :slightly_smiling_face: