Forum user requests a Pro Model Update



Let me start by saying that I do not want to hear from you if you are not @dan, or an actual Glowforge employee!!! Unless you are someone who has actually received a pre-release PRO model, and I missed any of your posts regarding how the unit is performing.

I do not need to get comments from you if you are just a customer waiting for your Glowforge, just like me!! Do not remind me to look at the top of the page, where the “latest schedule” is. I am perfectly aware of where it is and what it says.

Furthermore, please do not pretend to speak for @dan or an actual Glowforge employee!! You are not one!! Again, unless you are reminding me that I missed something tangible that was posted regarding the pro model. I have not read all the posts, nor do I get on the forum on a daily basis.

I ordered a pro model, but almost all the discussion that I have seen on this forum is about the basic model. No mention is made of the extra features of the pro, and how they are progressing. Is the long-work-piece stitching feature working for example? That is just one example of a question that I have, there are others, but what’s the point of asking all of them if we don’t get a real answer??

An update stating a little progress regarding the state of the pro model WILL NOT Jeopardize the trade secrets or any intellectual property of the Glowforge company!!

I really do not care about removable heads, etc. I just want to know if the core features of the laser engraver (hardware and software) are progressing fine.

I’m not upset. I just want to know a little more, especially when there is little time left between now and July 31st.

Thank you.


Good luck with that.


Not sure if you saw the latest update, but they had some info on the pro-model. They showed a paper sign that they made with a Pro unit.




Have you looked at the April update?
Have you looked through the forum posts?
Have you considered actually reading all the posts so you don’t take up staffers time answering your (frankly) quite rude post?
I think if you had done these things, then many of your questions would have been answered.


You really want to know what rude is?? Read your reply to me over again!!!


I don’t have to.
I wrote it.:slight_smile:


The fact that I did not receive an email alerting me to the April update (like the one I received when the Dec. 2016 ship date was changed), is concerning to me in and of itself. Because, then it allows rude comments like yours, labeling my inquiry as being rude!!!


Aaaand. I’m done here.:joy:


Search is also your friend.

There have been lots of updates containing lots of information. If there was any modicum of politeness to your post, or any evidence that you had done even a minute level of research before posting it, then perhaps your post would have been received better.


HI @szara and @bridget.

Can we please not get into a “who’s rude” war. I did not find @szara’s original post rude, just a little brusque. I understand a little where he’s coming from. Although it’s really hard to know the mindset of the person who is writing the post. Mood does not convey well over the internet.

This forum has been very civil for the most part, and any time a post goes a little beyond that, it’s surprising for the regulars.

@szara, sorry I’m not @dan, and I don’t have the answers you seek. Other than to say what has already been said about some of the Pro details in the April update.


Does anyone here really think that a STILL PHOTO of a pro model with a board sitting in the pass-through port is proof that the pass-through feature is up and running (after a year and half)??? Amazing!!

It would’ve been nice to see a video of that instead.


I did find it to be really… well… I think as in most things in life, our approach and expectations often predicate what we get in this world.

Gratefully, GF had the wisdom and foresight to create this remarkable forum frequented by buyers, staff, beta testers, and pre-releasers where just about any question (short of proprietary info and stuff that just isn’t ready to be shared) gets answered.


Sorry for dragging the top question further from the sought answer. With another post but I must say when I first read this topic before the title change I was hoping it contained more pro update information. Heck I wouldn’t mind glowforge the reality show. Watch as a plucky entrepreneur and his super team of awesome people create laser magic, but there are patents and trade secrets and intellectual property and all sorts of reasons why that won’t work. So I’ll just wait impatiently like everyone else.

@szara there is a whole updates topic I’m sure you’ve been through but if not
@dan is being pretty good about getting us one in there a month so you can always check there. Some of our friendly forum users probably can point you in the way of discourse settings to get mailed when there are updates. also @jules is just amazing with weekly summaries probably worth a weekly check in for those. But your time constraints may not allow that.


They do not email out the monthly updates. If you want to receive them in an email, you can follow these instructions.

For email updates, click “Announcements”, then the circle in the top-right, then “Watching First Posts”.


Oh, thanks I didn’t actually know I could do that. Learn something new every day!


Why don’t you PM dan and rita or email support rather than post publicly and then ask everyone who just saw the post to not comment.


Emailing directly is a viable option as well.


@bridget and @szara,

It is exceedingly difficult to read tone on the internet. Lets keep the flippancy to minimum and we all might learn something new from the GF team. Just a gentle reminder of the forum guidelines below.

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-Thanks guys.


Beat me to it :slight_smile: