Four Different Boxes with Sitting Lids

I like how the corners help frame whatever the design is on the lid. Thanks for the very generous file share!


Thank you for the files.


Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity!!!


You are very kind to help a new owner out! Very nice boxes! Thank you for sharing your work.


I’m sorry to be such a noob, but the colors. What color is used for what? :slight_smile: Obviously red looks like a cut, but I’m not sure what the blue is for?

They are both cuts (obviously, ignore the black text.)

The two colors allow you to cut the main shapes, then split the smaller parts.


As @eflyguy said, they are both indeed cuts. The red cuts go first, then the blue to separate the items. It takes less time and uses less space.


Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!!!


This just went up recently, it might help:

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any way you could do a version of these for 1/4 inch woods?

Being a typical hard headed male, I punched out my gift of good measure, jumped straight into a simple photo engrave and then decided to try and make one of these (box 4)image image as a butter dish (due to a delightful picture I found on social media) - thanks for the design! (And yes, I forgot to set the piece markers from cut to ignore on the first print… second one came out stellar (though needed a touch with the file to snap together), many thanks for the design!


Glad the files could help! Each board of wood is different so sometimes you may need to edit files to have them work with a specific board. And a small amount of wood glue can always help c: have fun!

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Great work - I love the lid style.

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Thank you so much for sharing your files! I used them to make a gift box for some homemade candies that will be a Mother’s Day gift.


Love the designs you did! I’m glad my files could be of service. I, too, am making a box for mother’s day, but it’s also a gift for my dad who has his birthday that day. Quite a few years ago, my brother and I made paper swans from 1000 paper pieces for my parents. Every time they move somewhere, the swans inevitably break somewhere and I have to fix them, haha. So I want to make a box specifically for the swans C:


Thank you for sharing!!

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I love Pokemon.

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I wasn’t asking, and I believe @bansai8creations has got it all figured out :slight_smile:

More boxes made in my style.


Also using Chrome on Mac and cannot get an option to save as an .svg
Also not seeing an image for “Box 1.” only 2 and 3