Full Bed Area Problems


I have had my Glowforge for several months now, and I have generally been very impressed! I have done a lot of cuts, a lot of engraves, and made a lot of things. However, I only recently have been wanting to make some larger things that require more of the full bed area, and I am encountering some issues regarding being able to use the full area. I find my issue to be nearly identical to the problem described in the following forum thread: Full 12x20 bed, almost?

In order to best solve this issue, I have followed the following steps before sending this message:
β€’ Placed a sheet of the Proofgrade Medium Draftboard in the center of the bed (flat and level, with about 0.25” of crumb tray visible at the back and front of the machine beyond the board)
β€’ Created a 19” x 10.5” rectangle shape file, uploaded it to the GFUI, and placed it over the board (using settings for the Proofgrade Medium Draftboard)
β€’ Two pencils (one yellow, one green) have been set on the draftboard, for better reference when viewing the photos/screenshots explained below

See attached image above. This is a top-down photo from outside of the machine showing the positioning of the board within the bed and the positions of the pencils on the board.

See attached image above. This is a screenshot from within the GFUI showing the bed. Note the following:
β€’ There is a significant portion of the area in front of the board visible, all the way up to the front wall of the machine.
β€’ The area above the yellow pencil is completely absent, despite there being about 1.5” of material there.
β€’ The area to the left of the green pencil is completely absent, despite there being about 0.75” of material there.

See attached image above. This is a screenshot from within the GFUI showing the bed with the cut selected and showing the available cut area. Note the following:
β€’ There is a strip of material along the right edge that is outside the usable area
β€’ There is about a 0.25” strip of empty crumb tray area along the front edge that is outside the usable area

All in all, the camera does not seem to be showing the entirety of the material as it should (being shifted right and down rather than centered), and this is affecting my ability to fully use the 20” x 12” bed. Please advise as soon as possible regarding any further steps you would like me to take towards resolving this issue.


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Good description. All completely normal at this time. May change in the future.


I seem to be having the same issue. I seem to be loosing from 1 to 1.5 inches in height.

This is a piece of material that is 16 by 12. I made a rectangle of that size for the outside to use as a guide. My design is 11 inches tall.
I went back to my design and moved a guide line to where it was cutting off and the guide line is 1.097 inches below my outside edge rectangle.

I have cleaned my camera. I have done a fresh start with computer, browser and GF (including an unplug).

It seems to have gotten worse over time. When I first got my machine several months ago my loss was only about a half inch if that.

Also since the placement doesn’t always line up it makes that loss even more.

The camera can see a lot more of the bed than is showing in any of your preview images. The GF S/W dewarps the raw fish eye like image and presents a rectangular image of approximately 12"x20". Take a picture of the bed image with rulers showing. It is not centered on the honeycomb and only approximately 11"x19.5" is usable for a cut. Less than that for an engrave depending on head speed. We have never been able to place a 12"x20" on the bed and see the entire sheet.

If you can not see material within the usable boundaries as shown by the rulers then you should worry. Otherwise it is completely normal at this point in time.


Thanks for reaching out here @kjt1. I appreciate the detailed pictures and description!

The Glowforge Basic and Glowforge Plus bed can accommodate materials measuring 18” x 20.4. Currently, the maximum printable area is 11 x 19.5”, and it’s reduced somewhat when the laser operates at high speed, as it can take space for the laser to decelerate. There’s a tray for materials that are up to 0.5” thick, or the tray can be removed to accommodate materials up to 2” thick.