Fun cardboard rubber band gun


I found this video while on a YouTube rabbit trail, has a cool cardboard rubber band gun that could be easily made of the GF. starts at 4 minutes, don’t know why the link starts it at beginning. It has a link to the template in the description.


Here is another one

Why use a saw when we’ll have a GF :sunglasses:

Converted to draftboard

Whoa, that’s a nice one!


There are several free patterns for various rubberband guns online - I have several that are chomping at the bit for the glowforge.


Yeah, that would be ridiculously easy with a GF. Just use the trace/cut feature and done! - Rich


I don’t know how much on a Gloworge but nice work !!


Go big or go home LOL

"…The fully automatic trigger mechanism lets you unleash all 672 shots in 48 seconds flat (14 bands per second) from sixteen total barrels. …"


Dude! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Hee, hee…but what a pain to load. :imp: - Rich


Now try mounting that thing on a quad-copter.




:laughing: oh boy.


Sounds like a “challenge accepted” in my mind. Anyway the double gatling quadcopter is awesome :slight_smile:


I think @dan meant some people may need to watch the promo video again…


That has to be one of the best rubber band guns I’ve ever seen!


That’s got to be the coolest rubber band gun I’ve ever see.


I wish you all could see the rubberband drone in real life - it’s absolutely breathtaking. About 100 rubberbands per second, while hovering.

Battery life is only 5 minutes, and you can only launch rubberbands once, but hey, can’t have everything. :wink:


PS: anyone want to have the drone in the catalog?


Now there’s an idea.


Hand raised !


Chuckle! If it comes with assembly instructions for drone dummies…yeah!

(That could be one of those envy inducing “For Owners Only” GF exclusives that drives sales.)


Sure! :squee: