Fusion 360 slicing for lasers


For folks looking for another way to get slices out of a 3D model to laser cut for things like those dinosaur and other slide together models here’s something you can do with Fusion 360.


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Very useful article! Thanks for the link.


Interesting article. Saved it so I can come back to it later, could be some very promising features creeping up in F360.


Saved that as a pdf to put into my memory book. Thanks @jamesdhatch
I have a pile of stuff from these boards, this Glowforge board is great, 100’s of people finding information that one person on their own, well it would take forever to find.
Then again they may never find all the different help files and projects.


Good article but he is taking the long way home on kerf as there is an add-on that will do it automatically. A quick search in the f360 store brings it right up and it is free.


Yep. But that proves @numosbk’s point about the value of this forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice catch. Glad you pushed it out to us!


Bookmarked! This will be useful in the future.


for real? whats it called?


In addition to Slicer for F360, there is one called DXF for Laser. Looks like the later will allow kerf management.


Another option would to use Onshape 3D parametric CAD and the free Kiri:Moto addon, which will “will intelligently slice a 3D model and layout the cross sections for export to DXF or SVG”


Onshape is available in a fully functional free version and there is some pretty good training material available for it. It’s more suited to mechanic designs than to organic designs with swept surfaces and such.


The second one is the one I was thinking about. Works great.


@jamesdhatch Thanks for sharing!! I also found this other helpful blog entry on the same site, it’s about Ikea products that you can laser.


Does anyone know if there are any plans to add kerf management to the Glowforge software?


It was one of the original claims and I don’t remember Dan pulling it so I would say that they are working on it. Time-line unknown.


That’s good, because all the posts about kerfs lately have got me a bit worried!


Don’t worry, even if it is not being handled by the Glowforge it is not that big of a thing.


Indeed! Something we’re working on, because we realize what a pain it can be… as evidenced by the posts about it here!


This feature from Glowforge.com implies that kerf can be automatically compensated for by the GF software.

Is that still expected to be true at release?


Yes, although we wouldn’t hold shipping units on it.