Gantry Wheel not rolling on side rail

I hope to get some help or at least a point in the right direction. I had an issue (shown in the first picture) with the cuts not lining up. Noticed the wheel that rides on the right side of the rail isn’t rolling. I do not see any visible cracks or breaks. I cleaned the rail to make sure there’s no debris. I can’t really find any information on this. Attached is a picture of the wheel and a video of the rail moving and the wheel not rolling. Thank you for any guidance I can get.

Well that bites!

Can you physically rotate the wheel? When the machine is off, you can lift the gantry slightly and try.


There’s a lot of buildup on that belt, can you vacuum it out? Bits of debris in those belt teeth can cause the kind of not quite right cutting in your photo.


Yes, it will turn if I move it.

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It’s not the belt. It is the actual V pully that isn’t rolling on the rail.


Is your gantry square with the rails? Maybe it’s an optical illusion that makes it look off?

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The wheel not touching the rail is only a minor issue, there are a total of six wheels in the gantry transport assembly, four positioned above the side rails and two below. A wheel not touching the rail indicates a need for an adjustment of that wheel mounting plate, but that does not necessarily translate to the type of issues shown in your picture. More details regarding the orientation of the material on which the error appears, as it relates to the gantry’s direction of travel would be required before making any guesses as to what is causing the issue.

The video doesn’t show anything that says the wheel in question is causing the laser issues, in fact, quite the opposite. The video shows the gantry stable during front-rear travel, not loose or wobbling in any way.


I had a similar issue.

See my post here: Use your brains!

From what you’ve shared, looks like it is a minor issue that a little bit of TLC may fix. (Again see my post.)

OH and CLEAN your machine!!! Lots of debris in it (great casue for your issue), also a major fire hazard! Medium pressure from an air compressor, a vacuum or even a can of canned air, but watch out for moisture coming from the can.

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