Gemini Duet Sheets

Hello. Has anyone tried using Gemini Duet Sheets. I purchased from Trophy Kits website. It’s made for laser cutting but settings are hard to understand as settings don’t include Glowforge …I called Gemini and they have never heard of Glowforge :roll_eyes: and were not helpful at all. I’ve cut a sample and its pretty cool but wanted to get the best setting if anyone has figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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There is a whole range of Duets By Gemini products, do you know which one you got?

Often referred to as Engraver’s Plastic, if you want to search the forum for more:


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A quick search for 1/16" acrylic returned lots of threads you may wish to read. Search results for '1/16" acrylic' - Glowforge Owners Forum


in the end, you’ll need/want to do some testing anyway. but @jbv gave you some good links to start with. you can search for two color acrylic to see some other starting points. but that’s really what they are, starting points for you to test with before running your final job.


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