Hey everyone, just wanted to share my latest. I have been using green painter’s tape for masking, and the results have been great so far. This one is 8 layers on Baltic Birch.

Here are links to my previous posts for reference.

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Beautiful! :grinning:

(If you’re planning to cut a lot more of these, you ought to look into the Endura Mask 130 Medium-High Tack Paper Application Tape - it comes in 12 inch rolls…it would be a lot easier than painter’s tape.)


That is… AWESOME!



Are you going to open a gallery with these?

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Hope to have an online shop up in early 2018!


I just got some of this from Amazon today so I will test it out soon!

All your work is awesome, but one thing I’ve never been able to figure out from your greyscale/red JPG is how it works. I would have thought your file would be nothing but multiple layers of cut lines (that got turned off/on for each layer of birch). You file seems to imply some engraving as well with the different greys representing different power levels? Am I misinterpreted it? I’m just trying to make sense of the file…

The colors only represent layer numbers. I use them for design and planning purposes only. Each “color” layer is uploaded separately into the web-app as an individual SVG. The web-app automatically thinks I want to vector engrave but I change it to cut manually each time.


Good deal! or at least it was… out of stock now!


Hey, I just wanted to say I’ve been really enjoying your stuff! Close to my own heart in terms of geometric art instincts, and I’m excited to explore some similar ideas as I get more limbered up on my GF.

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