GF App resizing illustrator file

GF App resizing illustrator file. Any help with this would be great. Using illustrator.

Any chance you could take a shot of the original file and the GF file once uploaded

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This question has been covered about a hundred times. You need to uncheck the Reponsive setting in Illustrator. There may be other steps also, but if you will use the search function you can get all the information you need.

It can be hard to know what search terms to try, when you’re new to both the workflow and the forums.

I’m a member of another forum where people can’t wait to pounce on any poor newbie who asks a question, telling them to “use the search feature before asking questions.” Unfortunately it’s been going on for so long that when you DO use the search feature, all you can find is people with the same problem you’re having whose questions have been answered only with “search the forum!” and it’s really hard to actually find any solutions there any more.

Because of that, rather than just admonishing people to search, I try to actually respond with some search terms that I know will give useful results. That helps them to know any terminology they might not have known, as well as providing some familiarity with how the particular forum search features work, AND leaves useful information for future searchers who are going to have this thread come up in their own attempts to find information, so the forum doesn’t become useless over time. :slight_smile:


Here’s a thread with lots of useful information about using AI with the GF: Adobe illustrator

If that doesn’t help you get it figured out, let us know!

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That happens a lot actually. There are some settings you need to watch when you are saving the SVG.

Tutorial here: :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is one topic of many that treats this issue:

Hope it’s just that.

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