GF Laser not firing after removing top of head / lifting teal handle

Hi there - I was having issues cutting all the way through material (wood) in this last case medium maple plywood. I followed the instructions in this post - Medium maple plywood with respect to pulling off the top of the head and lifting up the teal colored handle.

The handle felt like it was sticking so I gently tugged on it and it came up but left the grey-ish padding type material below (can’t see the mirror). I put the top back on the head and then tried to re-run the cut at a slower speed. The GF started tracing the pattern on wood but without a laser.



Yeah, sounds like the mirror has separated. The good news is you can get a replacement mirror in the Shop (Spare Parts) but you might want to wait to hear from support about the best way to remove the bit that’s stuck inside. There might be other damage inside the head that you can’t see with the mirror stuck in there, and you need to check for it.

If you want to try to remove it…I would remove the head completely from the machine, remove the lens and set it aside so it doesn’t get damaged, then try to turn the head over and see if you can get the mirror out. (gently) But that’s not official, if you want to wait to hear from support they might have a better suggestion.

In any case though, I wouldn’t try to use the machine again until you’ve done a little more looking, and replace the mirror. :neutral_face:


Yeah, I’m waiting. :frowning:

Appreciate the advice!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.