GF Plus turned off after a print and won't turn on

I’ve been using my Glowforge Plus for about 6 months. I use it in my custom leather shop and it’s been working great. Until today.

I completed a print and as I opened the lid, it turned off. It won’t turn back on. I use this in my full time leather shop and have customers that rely on me getting product out on time. This puts a significant delay in production.

You might want to run through the tests outlined in this thread to eliminate other issues before Support chimes in. (Might be lid cable).

I’ve checked the power outlets. No breaker issues. Other devices work in the outlet. No power to the GF at all. If it was the lid cable, the lights would still be on. I did all the trouble shooting i can but with no power, i’m done. I unplugged the power cable from both ends. No breaker on the GF to reset. Let it sit for over an hour. Still nothing. Temperature inside ny shop is 74⁰ F so it’s not overheated. Vent is not blocked and it is dedicated to the GF. No damage on the GF.

Not correct. The lights are powered by the lid cable.

If the machine doesn’t respond at all when you turn it on, lights or not. it sounds like the power supply died.

Again. The power supply is fine. I’ve plugged in several different devices to the same plug. Everything else on the circuit is working without fail. The lights stay on when the lid is closed if functioning properly and brighten up when the lid is opened. I don’t have any power in the device but there is definitely power going to it. I’m not sure if there is a breaker inside the GF I can’t access. Although, I don’t know why an internal breaker would fail unless it’s a fault from the manufacturer.

The power supply inside the machine. There is no “breaker” or fuse inside the machine.

OK. I’ not getting any power from the machine. I don’t know if it’s the lid cable or not. But this creates a HUGE problem for me. I have customers (one in particular) waiting on product and this causes delays in him getting his product and, in turn, causes his customers getting their product. This thing is less than a year old. We shouldn’t pay this much money for a product that lasts less than a year. I’m seeing this particular issue has been going on more and more. But thank you for your help.

If the power supply died, the machine will need to be shipped in to be repaired or replaced.

How does one make that determination? If it is, in fact, the lid cable. I can do that if they send me one. Hell, I can replace the power supply of they send me one.

If the machine is not responding at all when powered on (i.e. no fans), it’s not the lid cable.

They do not offer the power supply as a part.

Well, that stinks. That’s where I am at. No response at all. Support need to contact me so I can get this replaced and I have to tell my customers something. This is my income aside from the other leather products I make. But the laser orders pay my shop rent.


Thanks for reaching out to the forum!

I can see that you’ve also contacted support, and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to go ahead and close this post to avoid duplicate communication.

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