Ghost wood and stuck on focusing

Hello :wave:

I thought this would be good for me and my daughter to bond over and we were doing great until last night. :frowning:

Please I don’t know what to do. I contacted support but I’m hoping someone here could get us going again.

I turned on GF (3weeks old) We wanted to print and We started up the machine and then all we heard were clicks. We opened the APP to find our GF thinks there is a piece of wood in the machine. The camera shows on our screen, the last piece of wood we put in.
There is no wood in the machine and it keeps trying to focus lens.

There is no way to reset the camera. No matter what computer I go on. The GF shows a piece of wood inside and it just clicks every few minutes.

We tried cleaning lens, removing all dirt and debris from crumb tray. Left it unplugged for an hour and turned it back on.

All we see on our screen is a piece of wood that isn’t there and also No way to use the GF since it won’t focus.

Anyone have this issue?

Please there is no wood Board in the machine How do I reset the camera? Maybe then it will focus?

That’s a good indication that the black lid cable is bad. You should inspect its connections and take clear, close-up pictures for support to inspect. If any of the connectors are not seated correctly, it may be as simple as opening then re-seating the cable - that has to be done very carefully.

You’ve opened a second support ticket by posting here, so they will close this discussion and continue to work via email.

There are a series of tests to run through in this thread - it’s a good idea to eliminate them as a cause while you wait to hear back from Support. Let them know the results of any tests, it saves time for you.

Thanks so much! That’s why I decided to post here. So I can tell support. That I posted here and tried everything that I could.

I appreciate this forum so much

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You already have, since posting here in Problems and Support opens a(nother) official support ticket. :wink: They’ll be along soon, but they’ll close this thread to eliminate the duplicate, since you’ve already emailed them. Next time, just post here, and then we’ll get to follow start to finish and find out what the actual diagnosis was, to help us help more people in the future!

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Hi @jasonmontello, I see you already emailed us about this issue and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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