Giant Laser Cut Hand


I came across this today!

Laser Cut Robot Hands
From the guy who brought us laser cut hands, a new lunar calendar

Word of advice. It’s hunting season. Do not go outside until January.


Those are spectacular!


Eeek! :astonished:


Lol that guy cracked me up.

I’ll need to build some of those. I’m 6"4 already so just imagine if I add stilts.


I need 10 of these. Yes I realize I only have 2 hands but… I NEED TEN! awesome find.


“It has a delicate pinky mode.”

“And, when you’re wearing them you can pretty much just be a creeper.”



The amount of time and brain power that went in to those…OMGosh! Think if that but his talents into something…umm…else. - Rich


Not quite that size, but here’s something I’m just finishing up:


That is hilarious. I love it.

Its extra hilarious because I thought the video was going to be a hand getting cut by a giant laser. Why I clicked on it when I definitely did not want to see that, I do not know. But giant laser cut hands are hysterical.


That is awesome!!!


These are great! I’m gonna try it! But I think I will 3D print the fingers for a more round humanoid hand. Maybe a robot for next Halloween!


Reminds me of the movie Edward ScissorHands. Now I want to watch the movie again once I unpack my dvd’s. :relaxed:


I love the hands, but those thumbs… oy… why does every one of those have such horrendously curved thumbs?! Maybe it’s it’s just me; I’m double jointed on many of my fingers and even my thumbs.


The thumb in Jeremy’s OP does seem longer than necessary, but I can speak to the eNABLE devices – since the devices’ thumbs can only pivot on one axis, they must to be attached at a visually-odd angle to come anywhere close to an opposable grip (compared to the pinch grip used by Boston-type devices). The OP’s design was also interesting in that it used 3 phalanges, not 2.


The more I read about it, the more I’m convinced I have bizarro hands. :smile:
My thumb’s metacarpal has a large range of movement - compared to my finger metacarpals - to the point that it functions more like a proximal phalanx. In fact, I regularly crack my knuckles, and this includes the thumb’s carpal / metacarpal joint. So to me in that sense it feels as if I have three phalanges on my thumb… not 2.

Biology is bizarre. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are folks with triphalangeal thumbs, but they usually evidence a reduced (non-opposable) range of motion. :thumbsup: