Gingerbread Peeps

If you rotate them horizontally it cuts that time a lot. (It was about an hour for all of them though, IIRC.)

I’ll have to give that a try. I upped the speed to 100 and it is down to 42. Rotating them should cut it down even more it that’s the case.

Well heck, it only cut three. I missed the other two we about a pixel out of the cut zone.

The smoke stain on the MDF kinda works for them.

I’ll have to try one on a leather scrap.


I love them all, but the pets are the best! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Oooooo…what a great idea. I need to do a Flat Stanley for my road trips :grinning:


Well that can’t be good. I don’t think th GF ran fast enough to catch the gingerbread man.


Oh crap! I thought you were joking! :neutral_face:

I believe that can be carefully moved back into place, but I’ll pull the file if it starts cratering people’s Glowies!


(Post that in Problems and Support so that the folks who know how to put that back on the rails can see it.)

Maybe try this first:

Oh no, nothing to do with the file. Not sure what happened as I wasn’t babysitting it as closely as I should. Actually this happened when I was setting up the cut. The browser crashed a couple of times and when I went in the other room to press start that’s what I found.

On another note I’m creating a regular U. N. of GBPs.

I’ll be sending some to my sister in Belize. Hopefully they can run fast enough to get there before Christmas.


My preschooler’s seasonal variation of Flat Stanley from last week…


That ought to be one of their advertising vids! Great job! :grinning:

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Decided to tag the backs and start an annual thing.

Continuing the discussion on fonts, I simple typed in my text and saved it as a PDF. In the GGUI I collide it as needed and placed on the figures. I never converted the text to a path.

Sixteen engraves showed 20+ minutes. I switched to score and like how it converted to an outline. Tone dropped to eight minutes.

For the second run of 22 pieces I bumped the speed (~ 2x) and power. That run took five minutes and reduced the smoke and char.

Thanks again @Jules for the fun designs.

Edit: Oh, and the one on top seems to have a Christ complex.


Oh my pleasure! Glad to see the boo-boo wasn’t fatal! :smile:

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While staining them I gave a quick rub with the cotton ball I was using and the smoke marks came right off.


COULD… we really laser cut gingerbread and make a house from it?
mmmm. I might have to try that.

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Something I didn’t think about when I took that photo… that unfinished veneer I used for my gingerbread peeps is a sample from the very same furniture company that made the desk they’re sitting on, which also has a walnut veneer. (Thus showing how much of a difference staining and finishing makes. The veneer in the desk likely looked just like the stuff I used at some point.)


Big difference! (And post the flat peeps in the show.) :smile:

Yes, ma’am!

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Do you think you could bake a sheet of gingerbread and cut them out baked?

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Looking at this I keep hearing a pulsing beat and finger snaps coming from inside…

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