Glass Engraving

Just wanted to share my experience engraving glass. I engraved a Tequila Glass and came out perfectly as I expected. I used pure dish washing soap. I used my finger and apply thin coat of liquid dish soap over the area

to be engraved. Place the glass into the engraver and laser through the soap while it is still wet. The dish soap is often all that is needed to protect the glass.


How did you hold it in position? I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some shot glasses (toothpick holders–some of the places I sell things aren’t allowed to sell alcohol-related items), but I don’t have a reliable way to hold them during the process


try these:


Very nice. Great idea and thanks for sharing the soap info.

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May I ask what height you set it at? (thickness) These are awesome!

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what settings did you use

Since the Beyond the Manual section is the only place manual settings are allowed, that would be a good place to search. There have been a bunch of threads about engraving glass. For Example: