Square Shot Glass Engraving Jig


Here’s my quick journey into shot glass engraving. I created this to help my daughter engrave some shot glasses for her and her graduating suite mates at college:

The idea of a simple jig was inspired by @johnwills
Shot Glass Jig & Template.

I also used his 950/100 at 225lpi settings to engrave - AND - his super clever tip about a thin film of dish soap to get better results. I had 100% success on the engraves.

The jig is designed for use with these square shot glasses I found on Amazon. They look good and are pretty cheap. Most importantly they provide a nice broad surface to engrave on.

I choose to create the jig out of 3mm MDF that I have laying around. This material is a bit thinner than the proofgrade MDF, but I I designed the jig so it shouldn’t matter. I’m lucky enough to have snapmarks enabled so I used those as well

Here’s the final Jig:

Lastly after an engrave session:

And finally the SVG - Make sure you assemble with with the bottom/middle/top in the correct position since each panel is slightly different to put the glass at the correct angle, hold it in position, but still allow insertion and removal from the top. The side panels have a score in the center to help align the center layer.

Hopefully this is useful to someone!


@jules - FYI - this was the jig I was having the problem with, but it worked like a champ today. :slight_smile:

Square Shot Glass Jig - For Distribution v1.1.zip (11.2 KB)


That’s a nice jig! (I think our esteemed leader went to Harvey Mudd, so your daughter is in good company.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent! I like how you evolved my earlier work.

I’m going to have to look for some of those glasses. They simplify the jig and make two-sided engraves more practical.


You got me intrigued so I just looked for bulk pricing and found these:

I’ll probably pick up a couple dozen to see what I can do with them.


Nice find @johnwills


Brilliant work on the jig!


Great solution & great results & my glass will be raised in toast for you!


No shot glasses on my horizon … but, cool jig!


@tim1724 might appreciate these


As both an alumnus and an employee, I sure do. :smiley:

Yep, @dan is a Mudder too. (He was a senior when I was a freshman so I didn’t meet him when I was there. We do have a handful of mutual acquaintances though.)


The only mudders I know celebrate Jayne, the hero of Canton. (Seeing as this is 12 years old…makes me wonder what the oldest vid on yt is…)


I’ve updated the SVG file with cutting, assembly and usage instructions. Hopefully this will help you out @zipp, let me know how it goes.


Thanks for all your help!