Glass Green Acrylic

What happened to the glass green acrylic? Is it gone? Back ordered? Discontinued? It’s a great material. I was waiting on it to finish a project and they refunded the order (not in stock). I figured it would be back in stock soon enough but it doesn’t even show up in the shop now. It would be great to be able to setup notifications for products that are back ordered. Just want to know if I should move on and source it somewhere else at this point.

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Someone was having trouble the other day ordering it … it was out of stock … when support responded they said they had removed it from the shop to avoid the problem.

Oh, damn. I really liked it. Wanted to order more.

Hopefully it will be back again soon!

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Unvetted, all from the complicated google search of “green edge acrylic”… :wink:


Actually, I was just pricing it because I couldn’t remember the cost, but yes…out of stock. I would think it would save everyone some time if they just put ‘out of stock’ on there instead of the way it was working…making everyone guess. Silly.


I got a sheet a while back and still haven’t used it. It looks really cool, I’m just waiting for inspiration. Have you tried it yet?

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This is what I paid at the time [July 12, 2018]:

Thick Glass Green Acrylic (Cast, Transparent, Glossy) Size: 5" x 10" (1) @ $4.00 = $4.00

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Yes, I agree … “out of stock” makes more sense. Think they were having website issues, and that was a quick fix. :confused:


Ideally it would be “Out of stock” and “Notify me when it’s available”.


Oh, indeed I have! Made some engraved medallion kind of things for a video event that I helped my brother put together. It’s gorgeous! And, I sort of stocked up…I think I have 3 or 4 sheets of it.

Thank you for the feedback everyone.

Unfortunately, the Glass Green Acrylic is currently out of stock. However, it’s one of our favorites too and we’re working hard to get it back in stock as soon as possible!

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