Glass Tile Photo Engrave

I was wandering through the aisles at Lowes (looking for things to laser). I found these glass tiles. But I am happy with the results. I just need to tweak the image better.

I wished I had seen this before I started. :point_down:




Maybe exaggerating the contrast might get more of the details from the back to show through or maybe a second pass. Hard to tell until you flip it over.

I think the shadow in refractions can be minimized by painting the edge or adding a frame.



I am amazed at the clarity of your image. Looks like a photograph. I can’t wait to try it for myself. :grinning:


I know… Lowes is on my to-do list for tomorrow!


To clarify: you reversed the image and etched the back of the tile?


I did this back in oct 2018 and thats exactly where i got my glass tiles, i got mine in two colors of the glass, one clear and a white backing and a few with a blue tint. I think I prefer the blue tint ones more but they only had a few, when i went back to a few other stores i only was able to find the clear glass with white backing, i think i got em for a buck a piece. so i think i got like 50.

here are two examples from my instagram dbclunie

instagram dbclunie glass tile etch

instagram dbclunie etch glass tile 2


My wife and I stopped by the little shop they have by the bridge, and the history that’s displayed there is really cool. The way this tile engraved reminds me of those images - has an antique vibe to it, as though it were made before lasers were commercialized :wink:


Looks good to me.

Yes. I was lucky and caught myself before I pushed the button.


I guess I need to get some of these tiles. That looks fabulous.

Nice pick for the image and great result. :+1:

They come & go at my Lowe’s. So I usually look at the other Lowe’s stores I might be in (there are 3 relatively near me, but one is twice as close as the other two).

Great work! I’ve had some for a while but the :glowforge: was out of commission. Just got my refurb so this needs to go on the list.


Looks great, I need to try this.

You didn’t mention using paint in the engrave? Did you do anything like that? The image looks nice and contrasty.

We walked the bridge and by the time we got back the “warming hut” was closing. We had 5 minutes to take a look. I really liked the national park posters.

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No paint needed. The coating transmutes into something dark.


What a nice turn out.

Looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Here was on the green glass tile. Same problem as before. The details do not make through the backing. I get too excited seeing how well the back looks and pick it up. I need to try a second pass.




So cool!! Yet another substrate to add to the list!

That is really cool I’m going to try that this weekend!