Glastonbury Shadowbox

When my Glowforge :glowforge: arrived late July I hadn’t even heard of Inkscape. I had all these ideas but they took a little longer to materialize. Thanks to this forum :+1: I learned a great deal and one of my ideas came out better than I hoped.


It’s a shadow box using some of the iconic images of Glastonbury, UK. I’ve lived in the US now since '90, but before that I lived in the UK for 5 years and Glastonbury holds fond memories. Using photos and Pixelmator and Inkscape, I got it to work. The box is small 5"x5", 5 layers. Used proof grade :proofgrade: maple ply, walnut ply, and cherry ply, with 1 spacer behind the tree. Gluing the layers together didn’t work out quiet perfectly, but it’s good enough for my own enjoyment. The rest of the time I’ve made presents - I’d say 98% of my output is that!


Turned out great! :grinning:
(Should definitely do a few more.)


This is lovely. Thank you for showing us how much you have learned.

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Looks great. Same here have learned so much since joining this fine group of people.

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Thanks to you and a few others with your endless patience, encouragements, tips and insights!

That turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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Lovely image! All your hard work paid off.

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Oh this is gorgeous! Well done!

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Beautiful combination … What a lovely reminder for you.