Glowforge, 5 months in and falling apart

Here we are again. Laser stuck “scanning” for infinity. losing precious time that I have to work on projects. If you happen to be considering on making a purchase, go elsewhere. I bought a $5000 piece of garbage. Oh but wait, its never Glowforge that is messing up. we must always be the ones who are probably doing something wrong. There is a reason why they don’t have phone support. They know they would never be able to handle the call volume coming in to their centers. They would go broke dealing with complaints and returns alone.

Sorry that you’re having problems with your glowforge, as you’re obviously frustrated. I feel your pain, as I have had my share of issues. Whether that be replacing multiple machines, as I’m on my fourth, or figuring out how to fix the stuck on centering / scanning types of issues, glowforge support as always help me figure it out. While waiting for support to respond, the folks on this forum have also been extremely helpful.

I’m not sure if you’ve done a search, but there have been a number of users that have experienced the same issue, and there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can go through while you’re waiting for an official response… Unfortunately, none of those steps worked for me, and after uploading my logs, support recommended that I replace a cable. It arrived a few days later and solved my issue. I would suggest posting your logs so that when they do finally get to your support ticket, they have a better idea what’s going on with your machine.

Yes, I had a order that I had just taken when my glowforge went down and was anxious that I wouldn’t be able to get it out the door on time. Yes I also wish they had a phone support number to call, as I would have paid for expedited shipping on the cable if I had the option. But with that being said, the glowforge support heroes have always been able to resolve my issues, and get me back up and printing and have been very helpful.

Good luck!


Thanks for your response. I have been searching and have seen several issues with this (as you mentioned) particular problem. With 4th of July coming up, I can not have my laser down. I didnt make them wait to receive my money when I paid for this thing and we shouldn’t be suffering as paying customers. I mean if this were an issue that was rare then I’d understand but this company is plagued with issues and they just seem to have an unlimited supply of bandaids to cover up their slack for quality control.

They responded to your other support ticket a week ago with some troubleshooting steps so they can help you find the issue. If you really want a solution, maybe try following their suggestions?


To be honest, Ive never had an issue with my glowforge. I was an early backer, I had a beta unit, and got my pro as soon as they started shipping. I run mine constantly every day, and have never had a work stoppage (except when I stopped to clean the machine). On two occasions Ive had to restart my glowforge because it got stuck, but it worked fine after that. Ive had much worse issues with my other lasers.


Everything you said is just the same for me. A few hiccups, but never an out and out severe problem. I feel thankful everyday for consistent operation.


The lag has nothing to do with the stuck on scanning. Besides, the steps have been followed to no avail.

You can’t know that if you don’t let Support troubleshoot. You also lose your right to complain if you don’t cooperate when they try to help you.


We shouldn’t be “thankful” it should be expected that these machines work. You paid for a service and an item. You didnt plant a few back Bill’s in tour payment to them. Why should be very screwed like this?

There’s a pretty good likelihood you have a problem with your wifi connection. You can rage around the forum about how much money you’re losing, or you can go help Support help you and get it fixed. If you’re really losing as much money over the delay as you say you are, I’d think you’d be pretty motivated to find out what’s REALLY wrong. You could buy a pretty kick-ass router for the amount of money you’ve lost yourself by not responding to Support’s questions.


No, you haven’t. @Vee posted this in your other Support thread a week ago. You have yet to respond:


I’ve responded through emails with tech. Again, you assume.

Well, there’s one problem, then. You’re creating multiple tickets instead of sticking to one, which slows things down for them because they have to figure out which ones go together in order to put the information together to help you.


The one thing I’m pretty sure about is all these responses to responses on this thread make my life a nightmare when I’m reading support threads at my work. the glowforge staff would probably thank you 2 if you could take the disagreements to another part of the forum.

no one asked but I see both of your sides. Especially the frustration and needing to just scream at everything when I’ve spent a pretty sum on something and it doesn’t work the way I need it to with a tight deadline relying on it.

and now I’ve made the thread worse for support. sorry guys and gals.

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Bottom line is, this is generally a super helpful community and you could very well have had your issue solved days ago if you were willing to work with people instead of just complaining. We’ve all got at least one of these machines, and most of us have experienced the issues you’re having. More often than not it’s wifi related and easy to figure out. If it’s not wifi related, we can usually find that out pretty quickly so Support can get right to solving the problem instead of tracking it down.


I’ll jus add that into my third year I’ve never had a problem with the two different machines, a pre-release unit and my own.
Across all of that time I have seen support solve the problems that land in their lap. Because we only hear about problems, I think perception is easily skewed because of that. I don’t know how many machines are out there, but it is in the 10’s of thousands. The problems are a small fraction of users, and of those maybe 1/4 were replaced.

Work with support to get your machine squared away. They always do, one way or another.
Again, my experience has brought me nothing but joy. I think yours will too once this bump in the road is history.
Good Luck!


This stuck on scanning is a seperate issue from the lagging on my bed images. They’re two unrelated problems as far as I’m concerned. They happened about a week apart and not the same technical difficulty. I mean these are just two of my problems.

Something to consider is that if you are running a business you should always have a backup plan. No mechanical device will always work perfectly every time. Even multi-million dollar machining centers designed for nearly continuous operation still have down time for maintenance and unexpected failures. Every business that relies on a device like this should have a backup plan, be it some other company to take up the slack or another machine. I run 3D printing as a service and I have 8 printers now to make sure that I can both take the load and have at least one spare in the event that I have a failure that I need to wait on someone else for parts or repair.


Could be. But not necessarily. Statistical probability is that if one issue could cause both problems, that’s more likely than them being two different issues.

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Thank you, I hope so too. I’m just super frustrated because I was about to pull the trigger on a second one but not at this point. I really need my laser to function seamlessly. Probably going to have to go higher end with my next one.