Glowforge accusing me of FRAUD?

My machine has gone down due to the black cable once again it appears. This machine is a refurb from my first purchase back in January of last year. I have too many orders to worry about this machine right now, so I used my gift cards and I attempted to purchase another machine today. Now my order has been canceled because Glowforge suspects fraud. I am a little upset that I could have referred 7 people to buy this machine, and when I attempt to use gift cards to purchase another machine my order is cancelled due to suspected fraud. I may have to move to another laser brand if this doesn’t get rectified very soon.

You’re going to need to work that out with Glowforge. Unfortunately, no one here on the forum can help in any way with an appeal. :frowning:

Sorry we couldn’t help.


Sorry to hear, Hopefully it was just an automatic detection system and will be resolved quickly. Did you put any of the amount on a credit card? Sometimes your credit card company flags purchases that are outside your normal spending habits, online vs stores and types of business.

thanks, I’ll have to call my credit card provider, but I make $3000-$4000 purchases often with this card as its strictly used for business, this time I was only trying to charge about $2400 and my credit card usually instantly gives me notice if they declined it. In this case I got an email straight from Glowforge stating they were the ones that suspected fraud. :slight_smile:

Yeah, its all just an algorithm. Anyway, all we can do is speculate. Hope they can get it resolved quickly!

Gift card purchases are an extremely common way to commit fraud. I don’t doubt it was flagged. This is one way the people who scam old people out of gift cards launder the money.


these are gift cards issued by glowforge for referrals.

Doesn’t matter; any large transaction with gift cards will likely be flagged for fraud.


I’m so sorry for the difficulty. I see you wrote in to us and I’ve just followed up to your email. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out. If you have any other questions, please feel free to start a new topic.