Glowforge catalogue for international customers Deux

Hi @jaz,

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I think there may have been a mix up as I haven’t emailed you about this, maybe another forum member? I know you are all really busy helping folks out at the moment, but if you could let us know an answer when you have a moment it would be much appreciated.

It was stated in the ‘yes I’d like my glowforge literature’ that both the proofgrade store and the design store are not open for international owners (yet). That’s $320 in credit I can’t spend anywhere.

Hi @darkdesign I did see your last post on the topic, thank you again!

I was hoping, as it will help me and maybe others, to get a response from Glowforge on this as they may have some further information on the matter that may be helpful to all.

I’m so sorry for the mix-up @paulkoshal!

We’re working hard to give all our customers access to the Glowforge Shop and Calalog. When we do, we’ll announce it right away. Unfortunately, that’s all the information I have at this time.

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