Glowforge catalogue for international customers

Can someone help? Had a rummage through the forum but can’t find the solution or if it’s possible.

Thought since I’ve got all the credits from Glowfroge but I can’t buy proofgrade I might as well use it in the catalogue, so thought I’d try it out today. I select a design (the clutch) and hit purchase, it takes me through to checkout with the address page and it flags:

“We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items.”

Really? Hopefully this is a case of it’s not me it’s you!

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I can change the country to US and put a state in and it moves to the next stage, but I don’t want to implement that workaround in case it harms Glowforge somehow (tax for example).

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When I read through the detail pages (not the user agreement) that showed up while I was confirming my address it stated that both the Proofgrade store and the design store are not yet available outside the US. That $300 or so gift for waiting so long is not worth anything right now. Not until GF opens up the store for internationals.


I keep getting surprised by the plot twists in this drama of a product launch. These things shouldn’t surprise me anymore.


How could it be that with 2 years notice they can’t implement an international store to sell wood? I bought some laserable bass wood from the US on Amazon.


One option is to send the PG order to a re-delivery agent. I use these for buying items i cannot source outside of Japan for example

Of course you will end up paying for the extra delivery and brokerage fees

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Must have overlooked that one. Thanks for the info @darkdesign . Glowforge credit situation is a bit of a drag to be honest.

Thanks for reaching out.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.