Glowforge Cloud combining layers in undesired way


I’m primarily using Inkscape SVG files for my designs. Occasionally it’s combining layers in undesired ways when I upload my design to the cloud app. For example, a complex etch combines with what I intend to become the cut line, so I have a single layer. Another example is when I upload a design with two etch layers that I intend to re-position in the cloud, but they are combined into a single etch layer.

Any tricks or tips on how to better control my layers in the final cloud app version?


Everything comes down to color in the GFUI. Anything you want to be a separate action should be separated with different colors.


Ah, thank you!!!

A couple of ways to embed a color pallet into your design program in this link. Different colors also control order of cut.


Aside from the Inkscape color palette for ordering operations, you need to ensure that all your objects are either a filled closed path with no defined outline stroke color or a stroke colored path with no fill. If it’s filled and has a defined stroke color, it will default to cut. If you want to do a stroke to outline a the margin of a filled object, you will need to duplicate the object and give it a stroke color put no fill.


Thanks @markevans36301 and everyone :slight_smile: