Glowforge crumb tray on fire

Has anyone had their crumb tray on fire? I was using MDF with masking tape. The tape caught fire and the crumb tray is burnt a little. I was able to stop it luckily but now I am not sure if I should start it up again. It definitely needs to be cleaned because of the smoke.

Can you post pictures? We can provide better feedback with more data.

Sure, here are the pictures.

You might need to take out the crumb tray and try to get some pictures of the carriage from below. That is what usually is damaged by the fire.

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Did you have the tray in backwards when it happened? otherwise there is no way the laser head move itself over that section of the tray during normal operation. Either way something strange has happened.

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I think they are saying the fire was in the tray. Not that the laser did that to the top of it. But I might be wrong…

The tray is in correctly in the photo.

Ah my mistake, trying to figurine out what im looking at and a bit confused.

Is the air assist fan still intact on the carriage plate? there is a lot of smoke stain on that board so maybe something happened to it and possibly caused the fire? While it is fresh in mind you might want to write down the day/time the print took place


The masking tape lifted and started burning and landed on the tray. I hope that makes sense. I am wondering what my next steps should be. Thinking I will wait and clean it and try to use it again.

As far as the air assist fan, I am not sure what that is.

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If you want to clean/ inspect the fan and plate the instructions are here below.

Thank you.

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odds are it will be fine, like you said it was the tape that probably caused the fire but cant hurt to check imo.

Thanks Bill for that recommendation, I was so devasted by the potential lost that I didn’t realize that the damage I was looking at (appeared melting of the tray) was actually a piece of burnt tape. When my husband took our tray he discovered that there isn’t any damage to the tray, after all, just a little smudging.

Under the tray looks great! I appreciate your assistance and sorry for wasting your time.
Thanks also @primal_healer!



No waste at all, glad things are all good on your end :slight_smile: . The part i was recommending on checking is the underside of the part the black laser head sits on. just to make sure there is no damage to the belts or fan and things like that.

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I will! Thanks again.

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the same thing happened to mine with the MDF. Thankfully I never leave it. It may have put itself out but it certainly scared me a bit. It was tiny but still. No damage thankfully probably because of the design of the Glowforge I assume.

Thanks for the help @bill.m.davis & @primal_healer.

I’m glad to see the damage to the crumb tray was cosmetic. Although, if you ever need one, replacement crumb trays are available in our shop.

As @primal_healer mentioned, you should check the belt, carriage plate, and the bottom of the print head.

If anything is dirty, and good cleaning is in order.

If anything is damaged and won’t clean up, send us some photos and we’ll figure out what we need to do to help you out.


Oh, good. I was wondering how the metal tray caught on fire!

Glad it was cosmetic…

No waste at all! Glad we could help! That is what the forum is for!


One of my first tries with the Glowforge, I managed to have it too far back and was horrified to see that front lip was not metal and has a huge slash across it now, Like a massive scar on an otherwise beautiful face the problem is “only cosmetic”, but also serves to remind me to pay attention.