Glowforge Dashboard not fully loading, Interface stuck on "rendering"

Opening a new topic to help push this issue to the front of the line. Same issues as others, just figuring another voice would help get us noticed.

Philadelphia, PA
1030 EST

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This is helping nothing. You got your answer from them in the other thread. They are looking into it. This just opens another trouble ticket which may well slow things down as they check through tickets.

If it is a server issue then another ping of Customer Service won’t slow anything down. I guess you cut stuff for fun, huh? No real skin in the game for you :frowning:

And your ping isn’t going to get it fixed any faster. But it may slow it down. Again… you got your answer. They. Are. Looking. Into. It.

I’m having the same issues this morning.

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How many people saying “we’re looking into it” is going to satisfy you? I can guarantee you they’ve seen more than enough people saying there’s a problem to satisfy them that there IS one and guess what… they are looking into it.

I just hope it gets sorted soon.

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I’m very sorry for the trouble. The team is currently investigating an issue preventing thumbnails from displaying and designs from processing. We’re working to have you back to printing as quickly as possible. You can subscribe to updates here:

Was wondering if something on my end was causing issues…good to know I’m not the only one I guess. Hope it gets resolved soon!

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Just noticed the same issue here on my end. Anybody attempting to run a business with their forge (myself included) are confined to time constraints. The quicker this is handled the quicker I can complete orders. I also went ahead and signed up for any updates via SMS on the situation. Hope we can all get back to work quickly.