Glowforge delayed AGAIN .... is this a scam?


Im seriously dissapointed with the last email dan sent … i del like you are severely mocking and using us… to be honest im loosing faith with this specially since I’m an international costumer… seriously for us intl. costumers you should be more generous !!! I’m so pissed off!!!

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Is Glowforge a con?

No, it’s not a scam. Quite the opposite in fact @dan took the decision because he wasn’t happy that he could meet his QA standards (clearly, if he was after a quick buck, he would have just taken a "good enough"attitude and sent them anyway).
I think that at some stage we’ve all got a bit pissed off waiting for that perfectionist (in whatever team/workplace), but when their part of the job is done… it’s really good.
Well in this case, it’s @dan.
As a fellow international customer, I am curious as to why we should receive an extra dose of generosity?
If you are worried about it being a scam, then ask for a refund. If you get it (and you will), then it wasn’t a scam, but you don’t get a Glowforge.


Bridget basically because you are in Britain and some of us who are not in Europe can’t get a lot of the stuff he ordered delivered here …


So you want Glowforge to start coming up with a separate package for every county where they have customers?
Not really sure that this is feasible.
Perhaps a deal for those of us outside the US, who won’t really get a decent benefit for eg. the inventibles offer, say on proofgrade instead?


Perhaps you should articulate what you feel would be a “generous” reimbursement…?


I mean I think scam is an overstatement. They’re clearly not scamming people, just naive about hardware development timelines.

But I also don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone in, say, Switzerland, to be entirely nonplussed both by the news and the gift that they can’t really use.


Who is being unrealistic about the hardware?I would have cancelled if they told us 6 months ago they couldn’t deliver. Let’s deliver two tests units to our biggest supporters. Get people excited that theirs will ship this month then. Tell them we cant make the deadline. For some people $2000 dollars is a lot. I think that it is time I got it back. If I could afford a lawyer I would ask for it with interest added. As it is l will settle for my initial investment back.


If you could afford a lawyer you’d be completely out of luck. This is how preorders work. You weren’t scammed, the company is just bad at setting deadlines. You wouldn’t get a thing and while I sympathize, complaints about lawyers and I saw someone hilariously mention class action (for what damages, for petes sake) distracts from the other issues.


Here’s the thing: To prove it’s a scam, you’ll need to first ask for your money back, and have Glowforge deny paying you back. If you can gather that evidence, then it’s a scam. If not, it’s not a scam.


Working on gathering thar info refund process finalized. Let you know in ten days.


Good luck!


Get your money back before its gone! I smell blood in the water.


Naive, or incompetent? I’m leaning towards the latter.


Given the trouble I had building a much smaller laser, I’d never in a million years call someone who’s built the glowforge, even to the extent that it is, incompetent. Lotta work’s gone into that.


Yeah, I guess 31 million dollars wasn’t enough. . .


Well, he’s said a number of times that purchase price is held in reserve, and they’re using external funding for production. So it’s less than that. But also, it’s not like you can have money, wave your hands, and say alakazam! Lasers!

(edit: yeah i think your number is right, my bad, but the rest of my point stands).


My cats would beg to differ. :grin:


Exactly Bridget… not a package made for each country BUT something that we can ACTUALLY benefit from… something more generic but that we can use …


If you have a specific example of what you have in mind, I’d suggest posting it to the Q&A for this afternoon.


Hello @soytroquel,

Here is a link to the Q&A today. It’s 4PM PST. Which is about 7.5 hours from now.