Glowforge funeral pyre: Sad Farewell to My Friends


Clickbait for sure! Making up for not doing this on April 1.

Finally letting go of the wood scraps that have piled up in the year and a half of laser projects. It was hard to do. I’m sure I could have made something out of them.

I thought I had my last fire but it’s cold again. No kindling so I thought it was time to let go.


Just a tinge of sadness…:expressionless:


Dadgummit! That was mean! :smile:


Well, it was a fitting Vikings funeral anyhow. :+1:


Oh good grief, this is heart-wrenching, there was so much usable material there! :crazy_face:


Absolutely! And it worked.

I have a decent pile of scraps building up too. Can’t bring myself to torch them … in part, because I’m oddly enamored of the cutaways, and partially due to my choice of material :wink:


Yeah it builds up.
I have one ridiculous swath of 11x17 leather that has maybe a couple of 0.75 inch open spaces left on it. I was laughing at myself the other day for moving it around when it got in the way.
This is some incentive to go and toss it.


This was just the wood scraps. I have an even bigger pile of acrylic that I’ll take out to my farm to burn.


Isn’t it funny how hard it is to even get rid of the scraps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: We had a water leak that caused us to pull up the floor in two rooms, including where our forge was. Good news is I’m reclaiming the space, bad news is I have to sort and throw away, and even the little scraps are hard to get rid of.


Oh gosh, my heart stopped for a minute there.

I have not yet reached this stage of letting go, and sm still hanging on to the most ridiculously honeycombed scraps. But then I tend to make really small things so I can always fit parts in somewhere. Believe it or not, I still have some untouched Proofgrade plywood, hardwood, and acrylic from the first shipment over a year ago.


May want to remove the masking and replace if you think you will use it - or wait until need to use it then mask.
I have found that masking that has been on a long time gets harder to remove. I suspect the glue sets up eventually.
Plus that PG leather with it’s painted on masking (bleh).


No :pizza:, no :baguette_bread:, I’m pretty sure the user agreement states you have to use your scraps to heat your oven. I hope they don’t take your :glowforge: away for this violation. :cold_sweat:


PG makes great kindling :slightly_smiling_face:


Fwoosh scraps go up in flames quickly.



Fun fact. Having a Viking funeral (body on boat on fire) isn’t illegal in the US. Just as long its not dry season, not near an activly used body of water and wont freak anyone out.


forgot ‘and already dead’…