Glowforge is converting single line to engrave

I’m trying to score this design I painstakingly drew as a single line instead of filled vector and the glowforge is converting to a filled path that it insists on engraving OR double scoring. what is the problem? I don’t want to engrave, we all know GF is brutally slow with engraves, hence why I took the time to draw it in one line to begin with.

GF (468.6 KB)

When I download this file, it is a pdf even though it is .ai in your post. When I open the file in Inkscape and look at in in outline mode rather than normal, I see two stem lines rather than one. Here are the different views.:



I’ll repost it as SVG thats weird that’s removing the stem line, but that’s not even an issue im having LOL it’s converting this to a fill and then doing everyline twice in the exact same spot

Here it is on my Illustrator screen and then in Glowforge

If the stroke is too thick, or if you have not selected center line stroke it will interpret both the outside and the inside of the stroke.


When I open the svg in Inkscape and select outline mode, there are two lines with a fill selected as pink.

There are lots of posts in the forum regarding double lines. Here is one: Suddenly getting double lines on my objects in illustrator after saving


it’s set to center align, and the stroke is set to .25" I turned it up to 1pt for these images, but I always draw in .25pt for accuracy

I also have a of other artwork [single line text] in this design drawn at the same time with the same stroke settings in the same color and those are not being converted, just this center artwork.

I’m sorry, but I don’t use inkscape, I use illustrator. So these tips and things you’re giving me based on how inkscape reacts are not helping me. When I open in illustrator, my file is single line, with no duplicates or fill.

here is the original file with all other artwork

The pink is all drawn with the pencil tool in illustrator ipad, lettering, outer square and inner artwork. The inner artwork is being converted but the lettering and outer outline are not.

All is set to .25pt, center align and I’ve double checked there are no duplicate lines. The only thing I can figure is that GF is expanding the shape and filling it, but why? And why not the entire layer?
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I looked at your file in AI and you’re correct - the lines are set up correctly.
HOW are you saving and uploading the file? As an SVG, PDF, copy/paste?

Edit> Upon further investigating - it appears you have some kind of round brush instead of “Basic” applied to your lines. If you set the lines to “Basic” they do upload correctly to the GFUI.
(this is an interesting edge case, brushes are essentially a stroke appearance and stroke appearances are usually stripped by the GFUI, curious this operates the opposite way)


that’s super weird! Idk how I did that but not the other lines, I’m out of the house now but I’ll check that. THANK YOU!!

I tried uploading as SVG, and PDF but neither we’re working


OH MY GOD YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN. Thank you! The number of hours I would’ve spent never figuring this out. you saved my sanity!


Happy to help!

Thanks for the assist @ekla, that’s right. So happy the community could help out! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!