Glowforge keeps resizing my PDF file

Why does glowforge keep resizing my PDF? I’ve been told that glowforge just can’t cut accurately by my colleagues. I’d rather not give up on the machine. How can I fix this problem?

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting in this section, so a little more detailed information would probably be helpful. What’s in the PDF? When is it resized? On upload, or after cutting, or while editing? Maybe some screenshots to illustrate what’s happening?

The file resizes when I upload the file

When I upload it to the glowforge website

The PDF has vector lines that need to be cut precisely.

What program produced the PDF? What size is it supposed to be? What size does it end up in the Glowforge interface?

sizing is all over the place, Sometimes too small. Sometimes too big. This has happened 6 times in a row not to mention however many times my colleagues had this issue. I produced the PDF in Rhino

I tried an SVG before the PDF and had the same problem

Try a search for “sizing issues”. Tons of info and how to correct it.
BTW … your colleagues are wrong :wink:


We’re trying to help. You’re not giving us the information we need to help you. :woman_shrugging:

Let’s try it one at a time. What program did you use to create the PDF?

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Like I said before: I used Rhino 7 to create the file.

Okay. When you export the PDF, are you specifying a DPI value?

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No. It’s all vector lines.

I know it’s all vectors. The reason your SVG didn’t come in properly was because the SVG format relies on a DPI value to determine the actual lengths of the vectors. If you have your software set to the usual default of 72 DPI, it won’t import correctly, because the Glowforge expects 96 DPI and calculates accordingly. I’m trying to figure out why your PDF would import incorrectly, because that’s not usually an issue with PDFs.

Google tells me that when you export a PDF from Rhino, you select a page size. What page size are you selecting?


OK. I will try 72DPI

96, not 72.


OK. I will now try 96dpi



You did? This is what I get when I try that search and if you read through these you will find all the answers you need.


According to Discourse, this poster has read a total of 36 minutes in the forum and 28 minutes recently. Perhaps there was exaggeration involved.