Glowforge Not Cutting through on all parts of a design on translucent acrylic and PG materials

I have been trying to cut through translucent acrylic and most of the design cuts except for one section - the svg is fine, the acrylic is flat but it seems as if the power just goes down on one section or another. I have cleaned everything and reloaded the design. Turned the machine on and off and so forth and three designs have gone wrong. Ever had this happen on your end? It has wasted a ton of my materials :frowning:

Is it masked? Transparent materials can cause an incorrect reading during the Auto-focus and that can impact the results.

Yes, I masked it on both sides

The whole thing cuts beautifully except for one part on each time I try to cut. It is like it lowers its own power randomly

I’ve often had issues getting full cuts with really thick clear often have to run 3 passes–to minimize wasting material, check to see if you can wiggle the piece before you remove any pins or move the material. Then if it’s not completely cut, run another cut pass (this is a good practice for any material).

But after a number of attempts to cut and never got through on 1 or 2 passes, and what seemed unpowered etchings, I found that I had reinstalled the main lens upside down!

It is 1/8th inch acrylic and I can’t do a second pass because the design is thin and it will melt it. It cuts the entire word of a script name except the first letter. The mirror is installed perfectly and other cuts have been ok…so frustrating…even happens on PG material

Are you setting the power the same for everything manually or are there automatic settings? If there are automatic settings, is that one letter a different shade in the design software? If so, it may be setting the power lower on that letter.

I manually set them and the letter is the same shade and everything :confused: Everything else in the design cuts perfectly…

Have you actually melted material with a second pass?

Is it always the same area that doesn’t cut through? Have you tried rotating the design to see if the not cut through areas follows the design, or if it’s always in that area of the bed?

Another post someone suggested setting the cut focus to a bit thinner than your actual material. Even with PG sheets, always good to measure, especially if you’ve removed/added any masking, it does change. And also just not sure what the tolerances are on PG, so they could vary a bit sheet to sheet.

And it’s not the mirror (top of the head), but the lens that you use the blue removal/install tool for that could be reversed–I thought I’d never do it wrong, but alas, it happened!

Wouldnt the mirror upside down impact the whole design though? Not just one letter…

Check the file for duplicate paths in the area where it is not cutting.

Yes and no–suppose it could make it more likely to happen since overall effective power is down, it’s more likely to have issues… but not a selective issue for a design.

double checked and no duplicate paths :confused:

double checked and it is in the right way…:confused:

Sorry I know this is not an easy issue but thank you to everyone who is offering such helpful advice :pray:

It might be something that Support needs to look into, but we need to eliminate as much as possible.

If you want to post the file I’m sure someone can take a look at it. What program are you using to create your files?

It always skips the same letter?

Does it move over that letter or just skip it entirely?

It doesn’t skip it, it is just the only letter it doesn’t cut through and it is the exact same format in the SVG

Using a piece of scrap, can you make a duplicate of the file, and try cutting that letter by itself?


The red one is the one I am cutting and everything else cuts out except for the M in Michelle. However, the first time I tried to cut it a few letters in Happy Birthday were the problem and did not cut through and Michelle was fine with the M. The machine just seems to be acting randomly problematic.