Glowforge not cutting wood

Finally figured out how to make a svg image and get cut options to show. But machine is not cutting through just engraving really

If you could share a bit more detail about this, it would be helpful. Any chance you could take a screen shot of that side panel in the GFUI…that list on the left side of the screen…showing what your settings look like for your project?

Does the laser path follow the outline you have set or does it go back and forth?

What material are you using? How thick?

What is your intended result?

Can you upload the file itself to the forum?

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Not sure what wood you’re cutting, but you’ve got full speed and sort of medium power. This is likely the issue… it’s going too fast with too little laser power. Are you using PG? If not, you might try searching the forum for settings for the wood you’re working with.


It’s 1/4 wood I just want to accomplish a basic cut out first time user

I had it at full speed and full powers didn’t cut just sort of engraved

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Set your speed to 135 and per to full. You can start adjusting speeds to be faster from there



It sounds like you need to go back to the three tutorial operations that GF has you do at the start.

Cutting and Scoring are two different operations that follow the outline you have provided. Engraving is an operation that does not follow the outline but goes back and forth to remove material. If you can tell us which of these operations you are setting it to do and what the laser does, we can help more.

The more information and the more details you provide, including answering questions, the more we can help.


You don’t want full speed. I used this analogy with someone else, but imagine the laser is a flame. If you move your hand really fast over the flame, it won’t burn. If you move it slow… ouch! There’s a balance between speed and power for each item and you need to find it. Also, the type of wood makes a big difference, not just the thickness.


Makes a lot of sense‼️

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Do what hansepe said. The faster your speed the less power you are delivering to your material. Depending on the wood you may need to make 2 or 3 passes. I can do 1/4" poplar in a single pass, but other woods need multiple passes for that thickness.

Note: depending on the wood the edges may be so charred, that by the time you get through it you won’t want it. It’s the nature of the species.

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What are you trying to do with this operation? The graphic you uploaded is best suited for engraving. If you cut it, you will end up with three parts - the two halves of the logo and the star cutout. If that is what you want, then you are in good shape and can just experiment with your cutting settings, or if you know what type of wood you are working with do a search for others who have done the same wood and see if their settings work for you.

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Thank you guys for your help with your tips I was able to accomplish not exactly what I wanted but for sure progress


Yeah you probably need to step back and nail the fundamentals. Try these:

and definitely this:

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You might try making a collection of these for each type of wood, and keep them for reference. It will narrow down the numbers for you.

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