Glowforge offline Dec 9 2020

Glowforge offline all morning, nothing changed since yesterday. Tried all of the troubleshooting. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues?

I am offline as well and cannot reconnect to WiFi. Also isn’t going through normal start up procedure, ie centering, etc

Hopefully its a glitch that they can quickly resolve.

Mine seems to be online however the web interface is sooooooo slow last night and this morning that I cannot get anything done.

You can check the system status here,
Systems show all operational…

fwiw, everything is running fine for me. it’s not an overall GF outage.

usually this happens when your GF is having difficulty connecting via wifi.


Thank you for sharing that information, it might come in handy in the future, unfortunately, I am still offline. I was kind of hoping it was down, because the chances of my issue getting fixed, would be a lot higher.

Same here. Even tried connecting to a hotspot instead of WiFi with no luck.

I’m glad yours is at least running now, even if it’s slow. If I have noticed the interface has been slower the last couple of days. I figured it was due to high traffic. I’m paying for the premium service for speed, but it doesn’t seem to be doing me much good.

Mine is slow too, but i think is Google, even my searches and Gmail are slow.

Don’t forget more and more kids are getting out of school. my eldest just got done with her last college exam yesterday. many other kids are not home from Thanksgiving through the new year.

That could be a LOT of streaming in your immediate area.

we rented a house down in Orlando years ago for a week. you could actually notice the bandwidth dropping as the evening progressed and people returned from the parks.

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I’m offline as well, and need to process orders to ship tomorrow. Wish there was a way we didn’t have to always be connected to their servers.

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agreed! Why am I paying monthly to have it slower than ever? also since i posted the glowforge app is no longer responding.

well that would mean buying a different machine.

an upside is that our machines get instant updates, across a spectrum of features.

a downside is that you have to have a connection to the internet.

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Still offline. I wish GF would at least post whether or not it is an issue they are aware of, it’s localized or what. I have orders to fill and get to the post office. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

It is probably localized since there is nothing on the status page. I assume your provider is having WiFi issues that are causing the it to not be in range for the machine.

You can check the system status here,
Systems show all operations are fine.

it’s definitely not the GF servers overall. i’ve been cutting all morning. it’s more likely an issue with your machine connecting to wifi if you’re stuck and haven’t been able to run a job.

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Have you done a speed test on your internet?

I know the status says okay, but the problem is, everything is okay with my internet provider, as well. I’m just out of ideas, hoping my ticket to GF customer service, bears some fruit.

It’s slow everywhere, I am not even on their servers and my connection is slow just going out to the net and it’s not on my end I am testing at about 200 mps download speed.