Glowforge-optimized Proto-Shield files: COVID-19 face mask design

The folks over at Protohaven have published instructions on how to lasercut face masks for medical workers.

I used their PDF to create files optimized for my Glowforge Pro and thought that others might want to give this a try.

You can download the files here.

You can order the PETG sheets from McMaster Carr. Here is their PETG page.


Every time I download it and unzip it, the file is empty

Odd. I just confirmed that it worked for me, using multiple web browsers. Are you saying that the .zip file is zero bytes when you download it?

I had to open the zip file and extract the individual files. Never had that happen before, but I have it now, thanks!

I have been in contact with several hospitals. They have told me the open top design is not compliant. Check with your local hospitals to see if they can use the design you are making.


This is great thank you. What settings did you use to cut the files?


I am still waiting for my PETG order to arrive. Will likely use something intended for thin acrylic as a starting point.

Do you have a link to any designs that would be acceptable?

Im researching where i can get .020 or .5mm petg sheet. Mastercarr smallest is .06.

Do you have any reccomendation on where i could get it.?

Perhaps TAP plastics? Let’s first see what @arthsia has to say about alternate designs.

The download file is their most recent version. Main down side is that we can only print 4 at a time. Also, it they can make it fit a transparency film. It is much more readily available.

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Thanks. That design also requires 3D printed components, limiting production rates.

I would love to find a design that is 100% laser cut.

No, it doesn’t. Download the file and you will see. I am looking for the same efficiency. Also, the Proto-Shield is very hard to clean. This Georgia Tech website has too many prototype pictures, it is confusing. They should just post the most current version’s pictures.

4 Face Shield Frames -Vert

If you know how to modify the design, I would like to discuss with you possible changes.


If the arms can be made shorter like the Lowell design(right), we can cut 6 pieces out of one 12X10 sheet. The tail of the Lowell design is more durable to support the elastic strap.


have you tried making the verson on the right? how did it come out?

I’d be very interested in a compliant design. NIH has a site for 3D printed designs:
Is anyone submitting a laser-cut design?

Also wondering the same. did you figure it out?

I haven’t been able to track down the materials referenced by this design and have instead been focusing on this design from NYU. I picked up some transparency film from Staples today and will make a few samples before checking in with a contact at a NY hospital.

The NIH website that @kerog777 mentioned is great, but every design requires a 3D printer. I don’t have a lot of filament at home and 3D printing is slow compared to our speedy Glowforges!

Does anyone have experience converting DXF files to SVG or PDF? I’m struggling with the DXF files from the NYU website as I try to create a bin-packed PDF or SVG for my Glowforge Pro.

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