GLOWFORGE please acknowledge that your servers go offline at times

last night I lost my connection , I waited 15 minutes and it came back on , the machine started.

Now today , I am down again, and off line. ?
I have no internet problems , why does this happen. ?

So waited it out 15 min and the glowforge is back on line,

I would like it much better that GLOWFORGE acknowledge that this is on them
as my internet connection was fine the entire time.

there could be a problem anywhere along the way from your house to the servers.

so keep that in mind.


Glowforge performed maintenance last night which was announced. Today I think you have a local problem.


You may wish to bookmark Glowforge’s status page, so you know whether the issue is on your end or theirs. Aside from planned maintenance which is announced in advance and typically takes place late at night, their servers are up like 99.9% of the time. They are virtual servers in the Google Cloud, and Google isn’t known for frequent outages.


Do you think its because I never turn the glow forge off as i leave it on for months at a time.
There is not break in the internet from my house to the glowforge , Where was the announcement last night , is that on the display page, ?


You can click on the “subscribe to updates” button at the top of the status page. You’ll get an email as soon as they announce the planned maintenance via that status page. It later updates when they perform the maintenance and when the maintenance is over, with email alerts for each of those events as well.


Normally I would say that would be a reasonable and logical explanation, but quite literally dozens (hundreds?) of people have been complaining about the same offline issues for the past 24-48 hours and it can’t be that suddently ALL these people are ALL having router issues or assorted connectivity issues in their homes. I am seeing posts all over the FB groups and here with people commenting the SAME issues; that can’t just be a bunch of people coincidentally having issues all at the same time. That would indicate a problem on GF end.

I haven’t had any issues for 9 months (had some issues back in January when I moved my machine to my basement studio but that got resolved with new equipment on our end) and now suddenly its CONSTANTLY going offline. Turning the machine off and back on doesn’t fix it. Rebooting my router doesn’t fix it. Literally no issue with any other device hooked up to WIFI in the entire house (including the basement). Eventually, after I just wait long enough (which could be up to 30 mins or more), it just suddenly comes back online without any explanation.

And FWIW, the current GF status page says things are “operational” but yet here I am staring at an offline GFUI.


You are not alone. It is not my internet either. It is server issues. Mine went offline for an hour today. I submitted support email and have yet to receive information. There are plenty of complaints on various FB Groups, so the issues is not localized to a few GF users or an area. I have a basic and have not had these types of issues in the past 3 years of owning it. This is new for me.

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It is SAD that Glowforge will not Respond to this ?

It would save everyone a ton of Frustration trying to get a New Connection knowing that the GLOWFORGE is down.

Cowards > lol

I have been using my Glowforge without internet connection problems for the last week. If the servers are down it show on the status page. There isn’t a problem.

Every Glowforge owner is in the ‘same cloud’. I have also been using it nearly every day this week and have had no connection problems. In 4+ years with the same machine, the same internet connection, etc. I’ve had it disconnect only once. I swore up and down that it wasn’t on my end…but, it was. Never say never.

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Sorry but there is big difference when were running the Glowforge 14 hours a day , and we notice every little Blip on the Glowforge. We have 2 of them, Twins that act the same ,

If the connection went down, the internet would go down, That is not what happens .
What happens is the Glowforge goes OFFLINE and than takes about 15 minutes and machine turns itself back on.

Because of this nonsense I purchased TWO Internet lines ATT / SPECTRUM I can switch in seconds , The Problem is GLOWFORGE , I just want them to admit that Glowforge does at times GLITCH and go off line and it not the clients Fault. ???

Of course it’s not always the client’s fault. So what? Make you feel better?

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My Glowforge went offline after a 2.5 hour engrave today. It sat offline for a few minutes before my wife called me down for dinner, so I turned it off. Turned it back on later and it reconnected immediately. I have run several back-to-back jobs since then without it going offline. It going offline while powered on at all is unusual: the last time that happened was over 2 years ago, before I set up a mesh wifi network.


Hey bud try running your glowforge 24/7 let me know how you do ?

These discussions are always so binary. It’s either “it’s Glowforge’s fault” or “it’s the end-user’s Wi-Fi’s fault” but the reality is a functioning Internet is a very complicated thing and there’s a ton of Internet in between the two. Any number of things at either end or in between could be broken.


ok, so just because YOU personally aren’t having a problem, there isn’t a problem. So you’re going to just gaslight literally hundreds of people who are ALL experiencing the SAME issues into believing the problem is on their personal end and not on GF end?


He didn’t say you weren’t having a problem. He said Glowforge wasn’t having a problem. If Glowforge had a problem, we would ALL be down. It would be multiple thousands, not hundreds, who couldn’t connect. The problem could quite easily be on some obscure internet leg between the cloud servers and your router.


I think many are missing the Point !

If it was a connection problem on My end with the Internet or the Wifi than there would be an internet problem with the TV or the computer and case solved.

The Problem is that WHY is the GLOWFORGE the only device that is AFFECTED by it ?

Why ? Does the Glowforge go off line only to come back on 10 minutes latter.

I have also Pointed out that Each Glowforge that I have Runs on Two Separate Internets : Spectrum a Cable Internet 1000 megs and the ATT Fiber Optic 1000 megs.

Light Bulb Moment ! Both machines go off line , ??? I have had my glowforges for almost 3 years > and just go my 3 rd glowforge a few weeks ago

I am only wanting to gain some clarity in this matter. ?

Well, using that same reasoning, if it was singularly Glowforge’s problem, wouldn’t we all be disconnecting? My TV is running. My computer is running. My security cameras are running. My burglar alarm is running. They all run on WiFi.