Glowforge pro printing double

Glowforge owner of a few weeks and everything was going great until yesterday. Printed a few small items yesterday until it started to go wonky. The GF is now printing doubles laterally.

To troubleshoot, I printed out Gift of Good measure (scaled down to fit scrap), but you can clearly see it’s printing double and it cannot execute perfect circles. You can also see in the GFUI that the resulting cut is very far off from the virtual placement.

I gave tried following the maintenance and cleaning all mirrors and lenses. The machine has probably seen less than 15hrs of run time as I only get to tinker with it outside of work hours and proud owner for only 3-4 weeks.

Pictures for troubleshooting below:

Please help!

Edit: adjusted screenshot image for clarity


It would appear that there is slippage in one of the drive systems

Thanks for the quick reply! Do you mind expanding on that? How/what should I adjust to fix a slipped drive? I hope it’s something I can fix myself, or would GF have to step in?

You can start by checking the tension in all three belts. (Instructions are below.)

(You can just check them first - see if they feel loose or you see any slack in them.)


more here

I see @Jules has some of the same info but I hope this helps also.


Omg thank you guys so much! It definitely was the issue and solution.

Here’s the test output:


I’m so glad to see that the advice from our other community members got you back up and printing as expected. Thanks folks!

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, or if you run into any other trouble with your Glowforge, please post a new topic on the forum or reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help.