Glowforge shipping tests


I thought people might enjoy seeing our first shipping tests, completed successfully with no damage to the Glowforge inside.

If I am wrong and you do not enjoy it, but instead cringe and shriek uncontrollably, my apologies.

(thanks to @jkopel for converting to GIF, the MPG version doesn’t embed reliably)


That’s quite the package-dropping rig! Does the grey pad measure the decceleration or anything cool like that?


No, but the Glowforge inside is kitted with a bunch of sensors to measure the actual forces!


I think you should test it by sending one here to Hawaii!! I get Amazon packages multiple times a week and have had great packages and destroyed packages. I promise to provide great feedback. :wink:


Looking good! Next, it needs to be strapped into one of those old vibrating fanny shakers to simulate some highway travel.


Definitely thorough.


And totally cringe inducing! :confounded:

(Don’t want to test it by just dropping it on the corners though, that’s the strongest point of the box from a force redistribution standpoint - drop it on each side as well. Roll it over. Pitch it over a fence. Drop it at weird angles.)

Have some fun with it, then send it on to the next beta tester. (Chuckle!)


The link below is not necessarily what Glowforge is using but it is a standard shipping test performed by the industry.


Very interesting! Never seen the full scope of tests before. :relaxed:


Ah, but is the Glowforge packed to withstand this guy? :wink:



ROFL! Idiot hasn’t realized that he’s just going to have to keep picking them up and tossing them onto the belt over and over again…classic!


That’s a short clip from a long day of testing.


So did it survive the worst that man and the postal service can dish out? (Chuckle!) :fearful:


I’m not sure it’s polite to separate Man and Postal service. I hope we don’t have any postal carriers here to offend. :innocent:


I’ll apologize to the first real postal service worker that complains. (My mail carrier would be the first to laugh at that joke, she’s a great gal, with a very secure ego.) :smile:


So I realize you have a lot of experience shipping stuff @Dan, but I was shocked on receiving my BigBox that there was cracked 5mm acrylic (and others with similar issues) inside despite them having final videos of the fully packed printer sailing down flights of stairs, etc. (which was also cringe worthy). And that was acrylic still with the coating on, packed in deep molded foam and peanuts. Those shippers (this was FedEx) are gorillas!


Yes. Ultimately some Glowforge units will get broken; our job is to minimize how often it happens and the pain it causes the few unlucky people affected.


I want mine delivered by armed guards in an armored vehicle. Thank you.


With laser pistols :slight_smile:


@dan, Is that what the final box looks like? Are you guys are going to do something different for the retail boxes?