Glowforge status

Is there an outage? And is there a way to see status?
Thank you

Point your browser to this URL:


Thanks for the info @Tek104, that’s right! is the best place to check. We aren’t having any trouble at the moment. Could you let me know if you are experiencing any problems so that we can investigate further?

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I’m stuck at a circle with Preparing your Print.

Quite often that can happen if there’s an issue with your file. If you have cancelled the upload and restarted it without success, I would next try a different browser. Chrome works best for me. If it still doesn’t work it might be your file. One of us community users would be glad to take a look at it and see if we can reproduce the problem, if you’d like to upload it. If it has an embedded bitmap, you’ll have to save it as a .zip archive, as this forum software strips bitmaps from uploaded SVG files.