GLowForge stuck on Focusing

I turned my Glowforge on and its stuck on focusing. I have searched the thread, followed all the tips for cleaning the printer head and making sure the cable is connected properly. The gold pins look fine. It turns on but there are no clicks… the fan starts up but no clicking or anything. Nothing moves, the bed arm and printer head dont move at all. Just stuck on “focusing”. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Just to make sure you checked everything…there is a series of tests that we run through to eliminate other common causes before having Support look at the logs for possible lid cable issues… you can run through these and let them know the results to save some time.

Check wifi when I first received mine in continuously got stuck focusing my wifi was good but not good enough added another google home wifi extender and it has not happened again.


Hi. My WiFi extender is located right next to my machine. Everything else can connect to the WiFi… the machine is doing nothing at all. Normally when I first turn the machine on, I’ll hear the fans below, then the arm will move around refocus or RECenter and then stop. The only thing that’s happening when I turn my machine on is the fans are running. When I go to print something, it will tell me that my lid is open. Then it says focusing and does nothing else. It’s not doing anything at all. I just went through and reconnected to my Wi-Fi and it tells me that I’m connected so it’s definitely not my Wi-Fi.


Bad black lid cable, or either that one or the one going to the camera are not connected correctly.

Check and take clear, close-up pics of the connections they connect to the circuit boards on the back of the machine and lid (5 connectors.) Support will verify they are properly connected, in which case the black one will likely need to be replaced.

Hi. Thank you. I have run all the rest listed in the links you sent. I have reconnected my WiFi, I have checked the cables, I have cleaned the printer head and camera, I have done all of these things now 3 times and it’s still not working. It says offline. I turn it on. It connects, tells me my kid is open and then just stays on “focusing”. Nothing else. That’s it.


Hi. If my lid cable was bad, wouldn’t it make sense that it wouldn’t recognize that my lid was open? I don’t know if that sounds stupid or not. But when my lid is open the notification I get on the dashboard when trying to print says “lid open” So if the cable were bad I wouldn’t get that notification right? And who am I sending pictures to? Thais is all so new to me :disappointed:. I have so many different people responding to me.


Post the pictures here, or send by email.

The lid open sensor signal travels thru the cable. If that contact or trace is bad, the machine will show lid open even if it is not.

Yeah, at this point you probably need to just have support take a look at the logs. It might be the lid cable, but we can’t see it…they can have you try a replacement to see if it fixes it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.