Glowforge sucks

I wish I could return it and get my money back. It is hardly capable and doesn’t do what was promised let alone getting support in a timely manner and God forbid you want to speak to someone. #neveragainglowforge


What are you trying to do?

You have an entire community here to try to help. What kinds of things are you trying do do with the machine that are unsuccessful?


This community is the strongest avenue of support you will find. It’s unfortunate that you have driven yourself to that level of frustration without that benefit.

A description of the problems you are having, what software you are using, and what the machine is doing would go a long way to arm us to help you.
Most often there is an issue with the integrity of the WiFi connection.


You are speaking to some of the most experienced users of Glowforge that exist. I’m sorry that you have reached a level of issue with your machine that you have posted in this section for the first time. Tell us a few things that you are experiencing and watch the group kick in for help. I love my machine and I have been using it daily for over 8 months running all kinds of projects. The forum has been a wealth on knowledge and wisdom for me. I hope that we can help out or Glowforge Support can help get you up and rolling on what I would describe as a pretty cool tool indeed!




Please keep in mind that support (for which you have opened a ticket here by posting) will ask you the same things so that they can try to help you. The rest of us users can get you started before then if you help us help you.


I always find it amusing when someone, usually in frustration, will say something to the effect of Glowforge is worthless, etc. Then I look at the various posts of all the people showing off the most amazing creations that I never would have dreamed that people could make out of their homes. GF is very obviously capable, and a miracle of creation. But, it is not without drawbacks at times, and that is when you call on some of these true geniuses in this forum for help. That’s what I do, and I’ve rarely been disappointed.


There is much talk of magic, but magic still needs a mechanism in the real world. The usual deep range of knowledge of mechanics and electronics needed for most similar machines has been dealt with to an amazing degree, however the basic reality of anything computer based is that every decision the user can make needs some sort of widget that will make it so and the user still needs to learn what the widgets are and how to use them.

I am certainly among the mechanical, and electronics ignorant group but many here are genius level in those things, however I have a grasp of Inkscape and Gimp that can manage the majority of widgets to be successful with the Glowforge. Whatever issues you are having a problem with there are many ready and willing to help.


I find myself frustrated as well. Every time I see a gf commercial on ytube - make your own business!, I’ve now been down as much as I have been running, and awaiting shipment on replacement #3. Disappointed customers right and left as deadlines come and go and here I am wondering if there are better options…


There are a few at 10x the price or more, but even those take a pretty high level of knowledge to operate, both in maintenance, and knowledge of electronics and mechanics as well as less handholding in the design operation.


I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble while using your Glowforge. In order to look into this for you, may we have information on the trouble you’re running into?

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Can you please help me also?

You will need to start your own thread or email support if you have not already, They only work on one problem in a thread since its backed to a ticket. You will need your own ticket.


I have started my own and have been sending messages for 3 days now. I’m thinking I would like to return my machine and they deduct the remaining balance.

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I wish I could return it as well

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My issue is lack of support and the fact that my Cricut can cut the same material for $3700 less

@ivan1 is from the Glowforge support team noted by the “Staff” text by the username. If you could explain what is going on they can assist you and provide support…


I understand Cricut has a bit of trouble engraving or cutting 1/4" acrylic?