Glowforge Support Team (Ticket #67360)

Glowforge Team,

I submitted a ticket back on January 1st #67360 and I have not heard anything back yet.

  1. There is two issues with pictures attached, one is alignment.

  2. The other is in a previous support ticket #65440 you were shipping me a new Front Pro Pass Through Cover… You sent me a Lens Removal Tool instead.

If someone could get back to me ASAP (I think 15 days is a bit long to be hanging in the wind) I would appreciate it.


well that doesn’t make me feel better about my unanswered ticket from January 5th…
but don’t worry, a few GFfans will soon come on board telling you to “hang on in there” as “support will surly get back to you right away” and be patient, and how talking about it will send you to the back of the line.

No, talking about it does not send you to the back of the line. Opening additional support tickets in Problems and Support does, if you have already opened a ticket via direct email.

If support has not responded in a reasonable time period to a direct email, you can and should send a reply to that email so they can look into it. That keeps all of the information that they need in one place, and makes it easier for them to track down the pertinent information.

@alexmcclure, you should probably reply to the ticket #65440 directly so they can straighten that out more quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fortunately, support will catch this and respond promptly. Posting publicly is a valid secondary option.

The typical SOP has been Emails > Posts. And they close the post. But this confirms that a GF Staffer has seen the message. Which means they are working on it.

Unfortunately, Some people are not going to agree with this and share info/advice that discounts or discredit this method. When the entire objective was to get someone from Glowforge to look at and react/respond to the issue.

At the end of the day, Everyone is entitled to do what they need to do. Also long as it does not goes against any of the guidelines of the forums.


Except that @Dan said specifically that doing both gums up the works and sends both to the bottom of the list as they have to expend extra effort to figure out if they’re the same, if there’s new/different information in one vs. the other, etc.

But, your point about Posts being public and gives you tangible feedback that someone is actually looking is valid. It would be helpful if we had a way to look at the status of our reported problems like many problem reporting systems give you.

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Yep. This has been stated a couple of times. Most-recently, if I’m not mistaken, in the December update announcement.

Really, one’s best bet when having an issue is to pick one way or the other… post or e-mail. And never both for one particular issue.

My suggestions are based on what Rita had me do back when reporting issues on the PRU.

If it’s what they prefer to see, it speeds resolution of the problem.

But everyone can keep using whatever method they think works best, they haven’t given us any hard and fast rules yet.

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Maybe not “hard and fast” but…


I go with Email if I want something sooner and P&S if it seems symptomatic of something others are seeing or where I’ve found a workaround and can wait for longer response times. I am avoiding the dual-reporting approach because it’s counterproductive :slight_smile:


I’m terribly sorry for the delay in our response.

Thank you for providing the pictures along with your detailed report. I’ve requested a new front Pro Shield be sent to you right away. We’ll reach out with tracking information as soon as we have it available.

We’ll be following up to your email about the alignment issues shortly so I’m going to close this thread.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.