Glowforge will not complete calibration

Hello. Struggling and need some help!

When I get onto the website to connect to my Glowforge I keep getting a spinning icon saying “Scanning”. Nothing is actually happening on the Glowforge itself.

I have gone through all the networking steps, reboot everything multiple times and the Glowforge connects to wifi with no issue each time.

When the Glowforge first boots, it makes the normal beginning start up noises, but there is no movement on the head.

I have removed the head and made sure it is clean. I have checked all the connections around the door and all are plugged in.

Need some help or ideas.

Thank you!!

Could be a number of things… there’s a checklist here of things to try to eliminate the problems that we can actually do something about…run through the list and one of them might get you back up and running again before support checks in.

That’s almost always an issue with the back ribbon cable on the lid.

It’s not wifi because it’s communicating with the machine, which means it’s online with the GF servers. One of the first things the machine does is take an image of the bed to try and locate the head, before the centering process. If it can’t communicate with the camera (thru that cable), it’ll get hung up on the “scanning” step.

Support will generally want to confirm you’ve followed the official troubleshooting steps on their troubleshooting page, then they will arrange getting a replacement sent to you.

Thank you. Done all the above multiple times. Even had engineer son look. All the connections are sound. It simply won’t initiate as normal. Makes all the normal sounds and grunts, then does nothing but spin the scanning icon. Need help. Have order to get out. Worked perfectly yesterday.



Well, that just means support is going to need to look at the logs. Hopefully it’s just a Wifi or lid cable issue. (Most common.)

Good luck.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.