Glowforge won't connect to wifi (but only when I really want to do something)

Any advice on a glow forge that only intermittently connects to wifi? it’s an ATT fiber wifi modem. Roughly 50 feet line of site through a glass door and the siding of my shop (no insulation). It connects occasionally but seems to sense when I really want to get something done and refuses. Wifi broadcasts a 5g and a 2.4g. Glowforge can see the 5g and connect occasionally but not the 2.4g. I’ve also set up a 2.4g Asus mesh network that Glowforge couldn’t see at all. That was this post: New Wifi not connecting ASUS ZenWIFI AX Mesh. I just gave up on that one.

Yes, of course I’ve rebooted the router multiple times. I’ll go restart the car too for all the good it will do.

Starting from the top - the Glowforge cannot connect to a 5g, so when it is connecting it’s to the 2.4g.

SO! Are your 2.4g and 5g the same name? If yes, can you change one of them (mine are literally called Name 5 and Name 2 so I can be sure which one I’m connecting to.

Can you get a read on what your signal strength is? The Glowforge needs a minimum of about -50dBm to function. A great strength is -30dBm.
I’m mostly in the -40dBm range and my connection is fairly robust. There are apps that will get you this information (WiFi Analyzer is the one I use), or you can contact your ISP.

Let us know on those two and we can try to help from there!


Thank you so much. No, 2.4 and 5 aren’t the same name. and GF can’t see 2.4 from the shop. I’ll research WiFi Analyzer when I get back Tuesday.


Issues of WiFi interference are more common than you might think.


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